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SWEETS #4 (OF 5)

A strange series of events in the spree killer case drives a wedge between Detective Curt Delatte and the only thing he’s ever been good at – his job.

story, art & cover KODY CHAMBERLAIN

Price: $2.99
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ComicBookGuy3701/15/11NoRead Review


  1. As well as Choker and some other recent miniseries coming out,  I’ve decided to let Sweets pile up on my pull list at my LCS and then I’ll pick them all up and read them all at once.  Can’t wait for #5 to come out.

  2. at least the 3 dollar price assuages the delay as compared to the 4 dollar tag on Choker.  Publishers: at least make us happy by lowering the price for an issue when you pull the bait and delay.

  3. Awesome issue, come on issue #5!  I’m also curious what Kody Chamberlain will be working on next.

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