The legendary Supreme returns! ALAN MOORE’s final SUPREME tale is the ultimate jumping on point for new readers!

The triumphant return of Image Comics’ most powerful hero! As Supreme romances Diana Dane he takes her on a tour of the Citadel Supreme and tells all of his innermost secrets just as Supreme’s most hated nemesis, Darius Dax, makes a most unfortunate discovery: the key to defeat his abhorred adversary! It’s most mind-blowing cliffhanger in the history of comics!

Featuring a story by award winning author ALAN MOORE (WATCHMEN) and art by fan favorites ERIK LARSEN (SPIDER-MAN, SAVAGE DRAGON) & CORY HAMSCHER (X-MEN). You wish all comics were this good!

Story by Alan Moore
Art by Erik Larsen & Cory Hamscher
Cover by Erik Larsen

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  1. Whaaat? Is this an old thing that’s been in the vault? Doesn’t sound like Image to keep an Alan Moore story on ice

    • If I remember correctly, one or two of the issues will be Moore stories that they had unpublished, and then Larsen takes over writing.

    • Image doesn’t have control of it. Liefeld has had it on ice all these years while figuring out how to resurrect his Extreme Comics line.

    • It’s one issue with the last remaining Moore script (that ends on a cliffhanger and was supposed to get picked up by a different writer) and from there on, it’s Larsen writing.

  2. I liked Alan Moore’s run of Supreme quite a bit, until it started to fall apart a bit at the end. Hopefully Larsen can pick it back up and run with it. I’ve been looking for an excuse to drop Amazing Spider-Man (price, double-shipping, low story-page count, etc) and switching it out with Supreme may just be what I need.

  3. I liked Moore’s run on Supreme it was a ton of fun, but the thing that held it back was the art was not just inconsistent it was also bad. I wonder if Image will put out better quality trades of the run now, then those ones Checker put out a few years ago.

    • I hope so, as I’ve heard bad things about them and they are relatively expensive yet. In the back of my head I remember something about it being mentioned in an early interview when Supreme was first announced to be coming back, but I can’t remember what it was and I can’t find the interview.

  4. I’m a bit confused on the publication history; does this story take place after Supreme #62 or after Supreme: The Return #6. Are those the same issues? Wikipedia says Moore wrote until Supreme #56, but I’ve got issues up through 62 at home with his name on it.

    Just one of the fringe benefits of comics as a hobby; trying to make sense of “re-number”ings, “re-title”ings, and relaunchings years after the fact.

    • That’s a great point i hadn’t thought of that. I would think that t would go in between the regular series and the relunch with ross. But that’s just a guess. All will be told on wednesday.

  5. Looking at previews, the art looks like some of the best work Larsen has done. That said, I would have loved a Gene Ha type for Moore’s book. Alan Moore kind of deserves a gradios type of an artist instead of a “funny book” one.

  6. Gave it a shot but the story by Alan Moore didn’t really excite me, and I’m not really a big fan of Larsen’s art..2/5

  7. I was really surprised by this issue. Really enjoyed it!

  8. I liked it and I thought that last page should’ve been a “panel of the week” with all them kewl daxes. Mr. FantasDax? Nice.

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