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  1. Trek is a good fit for Byrne’s skills, but I wish someone else was handling the writing chores. 

    You have got to love the way he draws the classic "Mongol" Klingons, that’s a work of love right there.

    Plotline has me confused, I’m guessing "the Crew" mini-series I didn’t buy is a prequel to this.  Anyone read it?  Worth picking up in back issues?


  2. I haven’t read this yet Urthona, but I did read the Crew, which I thought was really awesome if you’re into the classic series and like exploring the Pike-era. It’s a little…. Byrne-y, though. Also, Byrne is creating his own little corner of the Trek Comic Universe. Aspects of his Alien Spotlight Romulans (the first one, not the horrid second one), Romulans: THe Hollow Crown, The Crew and Assignment: Earth are all supposed to converge on this one. (Indeed the second or third issue of the Crew is a sequel to an issue of Assignment: Earth.)

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