The Punisher’s one-man war on crime has been going well lately. A little too well. The mob bosses that make up the heads of the major crime families have banded together to finish off the Punisher for good. They’ve set a trap for Frank, using a low-level mob enforcer named Wilson Fisk to play the part of the “Kingpin of Crime,” an imaginary figure they know Frank won’t be able to resist. With their trap set, the bosses have only to wait for the Punisher to take the bait. But the bosses aren’t the only people with a plan. It seems that Wilson Fisk is tired of playing the heavy. He quite likes the idea of being the Kingpin, enough that he’d be willing to kill his own bosses to keep the position.

Collecting PUNISHERMAX #1-5.

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Steve Dillon
COVER BY: Dave Johnson

Price: $19.99
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Avg Rating: 5.0
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  1. I wish marvel would release this series digitally starting from the Ennis run…

  2. This was good, although I think the art kind of killed the "realism" of it.  I’m wondering though if Aaron wanted someone like Dillon in order to lighten up some of the dark content that was in there, which I could totally see, I just couldn’t help wishing the art had been done by someone more dark and gritty a la Ennis’ run.

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