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  1. Now It’s nice to see Hurwitz, Milligan, and Duane S come back to do a couple of short stories in here. The art team in this also looks pretty promising. But I have to question:

    What is the purpose of this? Yes it says it shows what exactly happened to Castle when his family died. But really, there seems to be no reason why the first issue of Aaron/Dillion run can’t start now.

  2. 75 is a nice number to leave off before switching i think.  Plus, more Laurence Campbell pleases me, and I’m interested in seeing what Coker’s stuff looks like.

  3. So.. I’m gonna give the new series a shot on the strength of Jason Aaron’s writing.. I have no experience at all with Punisher.  Even though it’s the end of the series this smells like a possible jumping on issue.. what do you guys think?

  4. @JMS: Well this seems to just sum up what the previous creators have done the last year. So it is a ‘one and done issue’ per say. Considering this is also going back to when Castle lost his family, it probably is a good jumping on point.

    Plus it has a preview for Aaron’s first issue, so there’s that.

  5. Thanks- I’ll check this out.

  6. This was a fun issue, even if the placement of it seems a bit unnessicary.

    All but one of these short stories were really good. Milligans/Parlov is probably the best story of the bunch. Basically this was a nice send off to this run of Punisher MAX. The preview for Aaron/Dillon run is making me very excited.

  7. This was excellent.  The Hurwitz/Campbell story and Milligan/Parlov story were both great.  The Milligan one nearly brought me to tears.  It was just so good.

  8. The preview for the new #1 bumped this up an extra point. It looks great.

  9. Well, I’ve read it and wow, excellent.  Jumping on here was a good call.  Especially interested now in the new series, knowing that Kingpin’s involved.  That definitely makes it easier for me to get into- very familiar with Fisk from years of reading Daredevil.  He’s probably my favorite all-time villain.

  10. The first story was the best but I liked the tribute to Ennis MAX run.

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