Pilot Season Begins Anew as a 6 Week Event in 2010!

Finding that someone special in the modern age isn’t easy; but online dating sites promise matches based on multi-faceted personality profiles. So what happens when you meet the woman of your dreams but she turns out to be more than what she seems? Madeline would be the perfect girlfriend if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s trying to get Doug killed.

Created and written by Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik (Black Diamond) and debuting up-and-coming artist David Marquez (Syndrome) along with a cover by Jenny Frison (Angel), The Asset redefines the femme fatale for the digital age.

Writer: Filip Sablik
Artist: David Marquez
Cover: Jenny Frison

Price: $3.99
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  1. Uh oh, looking like a challenge to my Executve Assistant: Iris.

  2. How many Pilot Seasons does Top Cow have?  Do these ever actually become series?  It was a cool idea at first but I’ve long ago lost interest in these.  But first issues sell better than later issues, so Top Cow keeps putting out first issues, I guess.

  3. DCBS is tossing these out for a buck a piece, signed so I ordered them all.

  4. @BCDX97: The current series VELOCITY is from a Pilot Season book. But generally, no.

  5. Hi BCDX97,

    This is the fourth Pilot Season. The first winners were Cyblade and Velocity – Cyblade was published, Velocity is coming out now. The second year the winners were Twilight Guardian and Genius – both series are being worked on now, we’ll solicit them when they are ready to roll, which should be in 2011. The third year is being wrapped up in November with the last issue.

    The fourth year of books are all coming out on time, we’ll one winner, and we’re ready to pounce on the opportunity to get the winning series out as quickly as possible. It takes a little while because we have to wait for the votes to come in before we get started.

    Take care,

    Filip Sablik


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