Because you demanded it! No, not you. To the left… no, not you either. One more. There you go. You! This issue is for you! It’s the long awaited Kid-with-knife solo vehicle. He likes going out. Go with him! You’ll like it! Exclamation mark!

PLUS! THE SINGLES CLUB rushes to its conclusion with as many back-up stories as Team Phonogram can cram in.

art & cover JAMIE McKELVIE

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  1. I’m really sad to see this go.  Great series and I know I’m going to enjoy this!!!

    POTW?  I think so. 

  2. Can’t wait for this. 

  3. Very excited for this issue. I’m also sad to see it go though. 

  4. seriously, what’s been happening in this tilte? i have no idea

  5. I have been absolutely loving this series and I am quite sad to see it go, but thanks for the fun times boys.  Can’t wait for your next projects.

  6. Yay!!! Sad that the minis over, but its the TV On The Radio issue!!! 

    @KieronGillen There are plans for a third series, right? Pleeeeaaaasle say yes!!!  

  7. Well, hopefully you two can return in 5/6 years when you’ve made it big! Still, the Singles Club was an incredible way to bow out.

    Looking forward to the Loki one shot, McKelvie’s SWORD backup was fantastic. 

  8. Hopefully when Kieron and Jamie are millionaires, they can start it again.

  9. I loved this issue. What a great way to end the series. The backups were not as strong as the main story though. Good luck to Kieron and Jamie with future work. Like other fans, I hope you can one day come back and do more.

  10. I absolutely want a signed print of that two page spread of Penny dancing hanging on my wall.

  11. I want to own the "Howling Forever" page. That’s now one of my favorite pages of all-time.


    The Becky Cloonan "Blood Mountain" b-side is outstanding.

  12. yep, this was a huge improvement on the previous issues. i think it benefited from an actual likeable main character

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