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  1. Yes! *High fives Ron*

  2. ZOMG…Been waitin for this one, baybee!

  3. YES!!

  4. !!!!!!! So happy this out!

  5. EEEEE! Wow this book just made me "girl squeel" it’s really just that good.

  6. FINALLY!!!

  7. i’m going to wait until i have read this before i fill my pants

  8. finallyfinallyfinallyfinallyfinally!

  9. Sorry for the delay, folks. Glad to be back.


  10. *High Fives All Around*

  11. I have never read this book, can i just hop on here?

  12. @KevBlack-Yes!!  Each issue is self-contained.  Basically a different person’s perspective and expierience of the same night in a club.  Plus it looks pretty ^_^

  13. Yay!

  14. Been waiting a fair old while for this.  Still not as long as the wait for each issue of Rasl, which also happens to be out this week!  And the Green Lantern goodness continues with the Blackest Night build up!  All that and I’m moving home this weekend!  Too much excitement! 

  15. @KevBlack: was that a pun?

  16. @KieronGillen: Will issue#3 come a little bit quicker then #2? and the series has absolutely brilliant! 

  17. It could hardly come slower, surely?

    Yes. It’s basicaly getting reading for the printer now.


  18. (Er… re-reading that, it appears sarcastic, which totally wasn’t went. I probably should have used an emoticon.)


  19. Ok my store didnt have it. 🙁 But Ive put the rest of them on my pull list and ordered issue 2 on ebay.

  20. Bought it, loved it.  Seek this out people, if you’ve ever been touched by music you have to read this series.

  21. Sweet issue.  I felt for the poor guy

  22. Kierion, my store ran out before i had a chance to show up. Can’t you just send me a copy? please? i’m totally good for it

  23. Give ’em a chance to get another one, man. If there’s none in a few weeks, we may be able to sortsomething out.


  24. no worries, Kieron, it’s already on order

  25. @KieronGillen  So, Here’s what I did….I read the first ish again and then this one in succession.  It was great.  It’s funny how the story seems so different from the various perspectives.  Furthermore, I’m such a music fan.  Growing up in a town of 250, I didn’t hear alot of things. 

    Once done with the read, I took to my online music store and listened to every song you mentioned in the book and the annotations.  I ended up buying my first Kate Bush and Long Blondes.  Both of which are great.  I really think it breaks that third wall of comic reading.  Listening to Wuthering Heights while reading the backup story really did it for me. 

    Quick idea:  Could you not partner up with the labels holding the rights to the music and maybe offer a free download per issue?  Depending on what song is highlighted, I think that’d be a really cool venture from a reader’s perspective. 

    I need more comics like this.

  26. Misterkent: It’s the sort of thing we’d like to do, I admit.


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