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P.E. Part Two


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  1. HEY! I remember this book!

    • I think this is only the third time it’s been late. Not bad for an Image book with such a consistently awesome creative team!

      I love going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole…

  2. I love the solicitations for Morning Glories. They’re always like two or three words and this month just what it is. lol

  3. Sorry for the delay, but hey, this one’s 30 pages of story. Still $2.99.

    Also, 016 is out in February, 017 is out in March… we’re done making you wait.

    • Easily the best value for money comic I currently buy and when the price went down the page count didn’t. It literally feels twice as substantial in comparison to everything else on the week of it’s release. Oh, it’s a great fucking read too.
      Cheers Nick.

    • The waits are fine, this book is well worth it. Thanks man!

    • Hey Nick, super big fan of your’s. Anyway, I know read this, so I wanted to get a message to Joe Eisma and it goes something like this… “I missed you when you were in Lewisville, Texas. I wanted to tell you that your work on “Morning glories” with Nick Spencer is such and great pairing. Your honest and very creepy take on his words is (for the lack of a better term) awesome! I enjoy your very clean style of art. I find there is so much depth in the expresions of the charecters (you really feel them when you are looking at them). Just one last thing, the way that you handle Nick’s dark material is with deftness I have a not seen often. There is real (I’ve said it before) creepiness in your art and I love nothing if I don’t love the creepy.” Anyway, just had to say that. Thank you Nick I really like your work and this book is really one of my favorites, all thanks to a hell of a pairing of story and art. Peace!

  4. This is the only comic I prefer to read on the iPad. Something about advancing only the one tile at a time makes it that much more suspenseful. Lovin this book.

  5. Stopping by to say this book has sounded very interesting, and I’ll check it out one day. Probably when its on issue 30, a couple omnibuses, etc.

  6. I just finished reading the novel Variant by Robison Wells and highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Morning Glories.

  7. Been on board since issue #1. Loving it. Is Spencer working on any other projects besides this one?

  8. Oh man… Shit is starting to get REAL in this. I love that in amongst the big sci-fi mysetery behind everything there are horribly human stories like this issue. Zoe is messed up. Seriously messed up.

    • Yea dude, I did not see that shit coming. Why can’t he just be happy!??! Awesome book Nick. Keep em coming. I don’t mind lateness when the quality is this good… but ya know, the more Morning Glories in my life, the better.

  9. God damn is this a great book. I wanna pull a Cartman and freeze myself to get the next issue, but then I’d have to fight off the otters.

  10. This was a fantastic issue.

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