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The world is in in chaos. Monocyte makes his way to Azrael as the human slaves are freed…

Series conclusion with art by menton3 (ZvR: Aventure, Silent Hill) and co-written by Kasra Ghanbari with an incentive cover by world-renowned fine artist Phil Hale and side stories by legendary fine artist/illustrator Barron Storey (Sandman: Endless Nights) and superstar horror writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre).

Story by menton3 & Kasra Ghanbari
Art by menton3 & Chris Newman
Cover by menton3, David Stoupakis, & Phill Hale

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  1. Been waiting for this for months!

  2. I’m psyched to finally get this as well. Also, the soundtrack is amazing!!!

  3. Almost forgot about this! Think I’m gonna start over with #1 and just real the whole thing through.

  4. I don’t know I love this kind of art (Templesmith, etc.) but the fact that it was a 4 part mini ruined it… for all the big words and important-sounding babble you knew from issue #1 how it would all play out because there was no other choice or conclusion. The overuse of digital zip-a-tone was also a bit of a drag, especially where the exact same pattern was used and re-used panel after panel. I would have liked this more if it was either a longer mini which it wouldn’t have sustained or if they had told the story differently so that it didn’t give away everything it had in issue #1.

  5. I can’t stress how great this art is. One of the few books I’ve bought because of the art. The story is great too. I won’t be surprised if this get adapted into a movie in the future; books that have this distinct of visual styles usually do.

    • Not just this distinctive visual style, but any distinct style.

    • Not to sound rude, but his style is actually not that unique. Ben Templesmith, Ashley Wood ** COMMENT MODERATED **, and a number of others. His art unfortunately is derivative in some ways and he just doesn’t have a full mastery of small details (like the zip-a-tone issue I mentioned already). It is interesting art if this style and look is new, but definitely keep an eye out and you will find a number and some really great, even the great Bill Sienkiewicz.

    • No offense taken. I’ve only been reading comics a few years and have only recently dived into the non-mainstream end of the pool. I’m not well versed things that aren’t DC or Marvel; this is a very different and wonderful flavor.

    • No problem, I kind of figured that a lot of people that were really blown away by this book and the art were probably new to the style because while Menton3 is good he is probably one of the lower tiered when you dig a bit deeper and notice the little things like overused, digital, zip-a-tone slapped on to every panel. Hopefully it interests you and gets you to check out some other artists and styles like this that aren’t seen in mainstream books! Heh, I guess my Ash comment was too harsh… he is not a person I respect after having dealt with him and how he treats his fans and supporters.

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