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  1. so few people are picking this book up and I really don’t understand why.

  2. I don’t know but it is great.  i hope it lasts for at least 8 issues

  3. dude, i’ve been talking this book up on alot of websites

  4. This is a solid book. People must be waiting for trades.

  5. Dangnabbit, my store sold out of issue 3 while I was out of town a while ago and now I can’t find it anywhere; this book deserves more readers than it seems to be getting!!

     @zeuxis I hope that’s what people are doing. I read on Amazon that the trades scheduled to ship in December, I think.

  6. this and irreedeemable put marvel and dc to shame

  7. was that a time bullet at the end?

  8. The next issue is being solicited as the conclusion of the series.  I am sad as I really like this book.

  9. I assume this was always intended to be a miniseries.  I do think it’s too bad this hasn’t gotten more attention.  DeMatteis just isn’t the name Mark Waid is, I guess, and this is maybe perceived as too close to Irredeemable?  (Not comparing them b/c I haven’t read the Waid book, just speculating).  Or IDW may not really know how to promote a title like this.

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