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History has gone awry, and only one member of the JSA All-Stars can put it right: The Prince! Who’s that, you say? He’s not a member of the JSA All-Stars? That’s what they thought, too! He claims his father’s archnemesis has altered the past to prevent him from ever being born… but how can he prove it to the All-Stars? And what is his ultimate goal?

Art and cover by FREDDIE WILLIAMS II

Price: $2.99
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  1. I thought they were canceling this.

  2. Issue 18 is the last issue, I think. Shame, I’ve really enjoyed it.

  3. POWERGIRL!! Thats all Ive got lol


  4. This book is better than the main title, for my money. I dropped the main title soon after the split. I can’t wait to read the whole stack of these. Issue 16 looked like a wrap-up. Glad to know I can enjoy a couple more of these. I hope Sturges and Williams get another cool book like this. For what it was, it wasn’t bad.

  5. I think the art was a real mess for the whole run. This was a terrific issue, though, storywise. Too bad this and Doom Patrol are getting sacked when they just started to find their grooves

  6. I don’t know I like it I hate it, one minute up the next minute down. It is a roller coaster of a series but there are so many great characters in this book and I hope we dont loose them.


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