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  1. right on, right on

  2. So many years of build up and now we finally see how dangerous this Queen of Blood is.

    Not a whole lot of discussion on this mini so far….how come?

  3. good question, champ. i guess people don’t know what quality comics are, huh?

  4. two Hellboy Universe books out in one week?  sweetness!!!!!!!  God, this book has been amazing!

  5. im loving this hellboy. its so good.

  6. I’m not saying they dont know quality, just wondering after a buzz after the first issue….there was like no hype for the last issue. I mean really, this is like 3-4 years in the making for this storyline. So for Hellboy fans this should be HUGE.

  7. Well it is getting a fauir amount of pulls. Maybe its just so awesome people are speechless

  8. @TNC. i think people don’t discuss titles like this as much as Secret Invasion or Final Crisis because Hellboy is pretty much a self contained story. What happens in the book, happen in the book. It’s not going to spin off into other titles. It’s a novel approach to comics

  9. This was a good issue. It’s still all set up to get us to this big fight. But it was still good.

    Without spoilers; that woman Hellboy meets with just blew my mind. When we are told who she is, I just literally dropped my jaw. Everything seems to be coming full circle.

  10. Wow. I read this and all I can think is, I want more. Now!

    And the fact that the back-up story carries just as much emotional weight (IMO), and isn’t just a throw away, makes it that much more amazing to me. These guys are on a roll that I wish would never stop.

  11. I would just like to say I have no idea what some of you are talking about. People are talking about this. Issue 2 was Pick of The Week. And yes it is very good.

  12. you know, i think i have seen hellboy be omenously warned about himself by magically being about 20 times now.

  13. love how this is tying alot of those old hellboy stories together.  its always great when somebody does a story that you think is inconsequential to the bigger picture only to bring it back to light.  and the art is AMAZING!  also, where the hell is hellboy strange places?  i might have missed that

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