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  1. I love GotG, but will not get this until it’s drawn again by Brad Walker or a comparable artist.

  2. Brad Walker’s the man for GotG, but I still dig Graig’s cartoony art, its different, clean and his storytelling’s very tight. His gritty horror style’s awesome(texas chainsaw massacre was perfect).

  3. Craig’s work reminds me of a cartoonier Stuart Immonen. I think Walker is coming back in a few issues though.

  4. Old man Wonder Man was pretty cool, and I liked that panel from Avengers forever timeline.  Fun issue.

  5. Old school cartoon awesomeness!

  6. Someone please pull Craig off this title!!!  I really didn’t mind his work at first but has progressively gotten worse, in my opinion.  I just don’t think this is the right title for him.

  7. @JesTr – He’s only on for two issues, according to Heavyink, then Brad Walker is back on board.

  8. I usually love time-tripping adventures, but for some reason this one fell flat for me.  I can’t pinpoint the reason.  I’m sure it’s just a bump on the road, I still love this book overall. 

  9. Potw for me. This one was awesome.

  10. Okay, so I broke down and bought it…  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Craig’s work here actually didn’t bother me much.  This is easily the best he’s done for the series so far.  Art: 3.5, Story 4

  11. I just recently started to read GOTG again and….I am completely disappointed with the art.

     I hate it actually, there im done ranting.

     i want PAUL PELLETIER on this book. oh well.

  12. Cosmo should always be a puppy.

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