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GREAT TEN #6 (OF 10)

Every crook in Hong Kong grew up hearing tales of the Ghost Fox Killer – how her slightest touch is death, how she collects the souls of the damned. Now, the mysterious and seductive Ghost Fox Killer raises her guns – and the ghosts of her victims – against the Chinese God of Death.

Written by TONY BEDARD

Price: $2.99
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  1. A well written series that I haven’t heard many talk about. I’ve liked how each issue has come from a different point of view of one of the great ten.  I like how each issue balances the story at hand with the backstory for the character of the issue. Should be good!

  2. This has been a fantastic series, one of the best books out there.  I wish there was someway I could get people to pick this up and give it a chance, particularly people who like Morrison, as Bedard has channeled the best of Morrison without being too random or inscrutable. 

    Ghost Fox Killer has already looked to be one of the more intriguing characters, this should be good.  Love her jade dog-thingie companion and her overall bad-ass attitude.




  3. A very solid book.

  4. @Urthona  — agreed.


    I gave this a shot last issue after their guest spot in The Shield.

    I’m in!

  5. And now they’re throwing Taiwan in too?!  Wow, this book just keeps trucking, and the stakes are really getting high.  This book is working on all 4 planes:

    1 – Cool Superhero names / powers / origins

    2 – Interesting individual characterization

    3 – Great team interaction

    4 – Intriguing overarching plot with background of Chinese politics, history, and international relations all serving not just as backdrop, but critical to the story and characters.

  6. I was thinking would this be as good if it were just 10 one shots?  Or does the plot tie it all together?  On a side note Immortal Man-in-Darkness as a mini would be the greatest thing ever.  But I am sure I would never see unless i made my own.

  7. Get to work Oand18!

  8. Glad to see everyone’s liking this.  I’ve been pulling it, but am behind in my reading.  I’ll put a few hours aside and read 1-6 soon.  I’ve really enjoyed Tony Bedard’s work on R.E.B.E.L.S., so I’ll give this a renewed interest.

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