From superstar creator Grant Morrison (All Star Superman, Batman & Robin, The Invisibles), comes “18 Days, ” the story of three generations of super-warriors, meeting for the final battle of their age. 18 Days, is a re-imagining of the great eastern myth, Mahabharata and follows the course of the climactic war that concludes the age of the gods and begins the age of man. It is the prototype for every war ever fought. The scale is epic, wherein the biggest armies ever conceived of face one another across the ultimate battlefield to decide the fate of the future. This hardcover illustrated script book from Dynamite Entertainment and Liquid Comics, will allow readers a first glimpse into the mythic animated series being developed by Morrison. The book reveals the inner workings of the acclaimed writer’s process and features the original animation scripts, story bibles, character descriptions and commentaries. Grant’s groundbreaking story is matched perfectly with original illustrations created by acclaimed artist, Mukesh Singh (Devi, Gamekeeper, Shadow Hunter).


Price: $24.99
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  1. What is this?

  2. Oh man … thank you @Ottobott … the previews look amazing

  3. Good lord this is gorgeous. In fact it’s so gorgeous that I need to make up a word because it’s better than gorgeous.

    I need to find cash and fast. 

  4. I’m on the fence with this purchase. That because the art is what they’re heavily featuring as the sell and CBR says the book contains "dozens" of those paintings. That means the rest is…G.Mo script, character descriptions etc.? I’m not entirely sure the price merits only 24 gorgeous paintings and then a bunch of script treatments (even if they’re written by Morrison). It might be, I’m just sayin’, I’m on the fence izzall.

  5. @OttoBott:  I noticed the same thing.  Beautiful work, but I think I’ll wait on this.  Let me know when the cartoon comes out.

  6. Might not get this this week, but I’ve been looking forward to this since it was solicited for August.

  7. Been a long time coming…

  8. Generally, i prefer to buy books that cost 10 cents per page or less.  20 cents per page isn’t a great value, especially considering there’s considerable fluff pages therein.

  9. I feel like the scope of this collection was dialed back from what it was originally stated as. It sounded as if this was going to be a bumper collection of scripted pages and art, it seems scaled down now. As well, it’s 3 months late.

  10. I loved Mukesh’s art back when he worked with the now defunt Vigin Comics,  plus Indian mythology never gets enough love.

     But wasnt this supposed to out a while back?

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