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  1. Blah blah blah…

  2. I’ll never understand why some comics fans will take the time to come into thread of a book they’re not reading and trash it.  It boggles the mind.

  3. Debating to get this or not. Not trashing it….just dont know if I want it.

    Will it really be that big of a deal for Battle of the Cowl?

  4. @TNC: It’s hard to tell, but these Gotham Gazette issues are supposed to start and end the "Battle for the Cowl" event.  I would say check this one out, and if it doesn’t deliver than I would skip the other one shots.

  5. i am kinda debating too. i think i will thumb through it in store and decide then but i do want to know how these affect the overall story.

  6. I’m not really interested in battle for the cowl at all, but I was curious about this issue because I thought it could potentially have some good charachter stuff. I’m considering this.

  7. ill read a couple pages in the sore and then make a desision,

  8. getting this because its the start of battle for the cowl and im very intrested to see how this is going to be. im totally getting this.

  9. I’m getting it, more out of curiosity than anything. Interesting times for Batbooks.

  10. I don’t care how deep it ties into Battle for the Cowl…but it sounded interesting, so I’m getting it.

  11. This looks interesting regardless if it isn’t to detrimental to Battle for the Cowl, it looks like something interesting to check out.

  12. I’m surprised this is only 2.99. Kudos DC

  13. Does anyone know who the artists are on this book?

  14. I would be tempted, but I’d like to know who’s doing art…

  15. This is a really light week for me and I have been debating wether or not to jump back into the batman world. May pick it up.

  16. With the popularity of The Dark Knight Movie DC Comics still killed Batman I don’t know how they’ll manage to put this saga on top but I do have plans to add this comic book to my collection.

  17. I’ll probably pick this up, but does anyone know when Detective Comics 853 comes out?

  18. For those interested who the artist are, I found an article on CBR that lists them.  Among them are Dustin Nguyen and Jamie McKelvie.

  19. @ARead: DC’s website says Detective Comics #853 will come out April 15th.

  20. Definitely picking this up (to scratch my Bat-itch … I think it’s infected) but one line in the solicit worries me — "art by various" — I hope the quality doesn’t vary too much …

  21. i am really looking forward to checking this out – i think it sounds fantastic…

  22. Sweet Cover!

  23. this could be good, it could also be filler.

  24. still dont know. the art has to impress me

  25. Looks fun!!! im hoping for a lot of Gordon and Bullock.

  26. Wait … Leslie Thompkins died, right? When did I miss her coming back from the dead?

  27. Hmmm, Jamie McKelvie art…might be worth checking out

  28. @Kory – thanks for the artist link..

  29. This is going to be a clutch decision at the store for me today.

  30. Well I didnt pick this issue up, what I did was….and I think this is a fair thing to do….I read the first page of this. Now that should get me into thinking ‘oh yeah this is good/bad and it’s totally worth/not worth picking up’.

    So I turned to the first page and what do I see?….That stupid…..idiotic….moronic character Dennis O’Neil introduced in his Batman issues earlier! Gah!

    Put the issue down and didnt pick it up….I think that was the right choice.

  31. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this. It got me excited about the future of most characters that took part on it.

    But it must be said that the o’Neil-Veil-lady-who-never-shuts-up brings the book down every page she’s in. I hope she doesn’t become a supporting character after Battle for the Cowl.

  32. Decent One-Shot. Liked the set-up for it. Shame I only care about two of the four featured Gothamites, though (Bulloch and Stephanie, that is.)

    And yes… veil lady (Lady Gotham!?) is very annoying. Don’t quite get her purpose. 

  33. I think I have a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

    This wasn’t bad, but there are other things I’d rather spend 3 bucks on.  But, like a good lap dog I’ll probably keep buying all these one-shots.

  34. I’m with Kory.  It was kinda mediocre.  Not sure if I will be buying Batman Alive.

  35. I really hope this Millicent woman isnt any factor in the Battle for the Cowl book.

    Her presence is stupid and pointless and she offers nothing to the readers other then being a bad narrator. I like Dennis O’Neil overall as a writer; but he might’ve introduced one of the worst characters ever with her. (and yes that includes the hyperbole)

  36. This was way better than I expected it to be. I liked it a lot. I would buy a monthly book like this, that focused on other people in Gotham who don’t wear capes. It’s good stuff. A nice look into the city we always see from the super hero point of view.

    I still don’t remember Leslie Thompkins coming back from the grave being explained. I guess I have some research to do …

  37. I don’t think Leslie ever died? Batman confronted her in Africa about Stephanie’s "death" but nothing ever happened to her after that, right?

  38. I thought it was okay. Bullock and Steph were good and the rest was just for me. What boggle my mind is how they ruined McKelvies art with the colors. Again! (Okay, different company and all, but still…) Well, maybe it’s just me…

  39. I picked this up and it was a let down.  I really liked the Bullock story but I didn’t care for the rest.

  40. I thought that this was well done, though that lady is confusing in a bad way. she seemed not needed for the story, like it would have worked with out her. I was dissapointed with how little character exploration there was here.

     for those complaining about the book not containing any "capes" and instead focusing on bullock or thompkins, well i thought that was the point of this book, to try and gauge the effect on those closest to the bat that dont also wear tights, and to give the reader the impression of how the city is with out batman.

  41. @southbymidwest — You’re right. I forgot about Leslie Thompkins being in Africa in the Spoiler/Robin comic. Maybe she didn’t die & I was confusing her with someone else, because I can’t find anything about it online. The only reference is from the end of War Games when Batman tells her she is dead to him, because she let Spoiler die. Maybe I was thinking of that …

  42. I liked that Jamie Harper didn’t disappear with the cancelation of Robin.

  43. @WadeWilson It sound like you’re going to want to pick up Batman:Streets of Gotham then.  The whole premise is all the "regular" people in gotham and how they view Batman.  Plus it’ll be written by Dini.

  44. My store sold out of this last Wednesday, so I’ve been calling different stores off and on…..Oklahoma City is SOLD OUT of this book.

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