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  1. I"m just kind of curious if they’ve announced who has the G.I. Joe license now. Hasbro talked that it was up for grabs, and I heard Marvel went after it pretty heavily. Now I hear that this storyline is possibly the last for Devil’s Due. Anybody know anything?

  2. This is a GREAT story arch that they are doing, it is too bad that Devil’s Due is going to lose the license. THis book has great action, character development, and a very good epic story.

  3. If you have EVER been a fan of GI Joe (NOT that Extreme or SIGMA 6 crap) this is the story arc you should be reading. Basically, Cobra appears to have finally won. They have infiltrated the White House as well as other governments around the world, taken control of nuclear missiles all over the globe, and splintered the GI Joe forces. This series should especially appeal to Cobra fans or GI Joe fans that prefer them as the underdog. This is the "real American hero" story Joe fans have been waiting for. Great story and art. I can’t wait to see what happens in the end.

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