FLASH FACT! If she can’t have the world – no one will!

Cover by ED BENES

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  1. DnA? I’ll Give it a shot at least. The cover looks nice with hawkwoman in the background and WW’s sweet helmet!

  2. I bought into this based on Abnett and Lanning, so I best not be dissapointed. Why did the Amazons conquer Britain? Was Themiscyra not nearly dreary and rainy enough for them?

  3. DNA. that is all

  4. Can’t wait for this!!!

  5. Yay!  I hope this is as good as Aquaman’s mini.

  6. @zattaric  Same here. This and Aquaman are the only two tie ins I’m getting.

  7. Light week means I get a Tie in. Of course I’m going to pick the Abnett and Lanning book!

  8. Am getting this because of the Aquaman mini, which I liked way more than the Fanboys did (where was Conor to belittle the other two that it wasn’t too complicated all…you’d a been right this time Conor!!).  I’ve never read the DnA team before, so I’m doubly looking forward to this. 

    Cover’s gorgeous, hope the interior art is half as good.

  9. Hopefully we get some Steve Trevor action

  10. The Aquaman tie-in is that good? Il pick it up tommorow!! thanks for the tip.

  11. Is that a Jim Lee cover?

  12. @MaxD No, it’s Ed Benes. Although it does look a lot like Lee.

  13. I really liked this.  Stupid DnA, making me spend my cash  🙂

  14. Weak-ish artwork, decent script. Can’t say it was great but it ends interestingly.

  15. This was great: intrigue, levels of conspiracy, good art, a plausible set-up… the get $6 more from me. 5/5

    But what I REALLY want is more Subway Famous Fans. That was the SHIT.

  16. @kennyg  Ha! Good one.

  17. the art was rough. I feel it could have looked better if the coloring wasn’t so overtly digital. It just brought so much attention to itself and lent a generic feel to the book. Story was just ok. 

    I want to make the Subway insert the POW just cause it would be awesome. =)

  18. I’m surprised about the art criticisms, I thought the book looked beautiful, particularly the opening shot of Themysicirwhatever, the regal fashions, amazon jewelry, etc.  Aquaman and Wonder Woman were gorgeous.  I also liked her joy when WW had her first contact with man’s world and her awe over meeting this guy who lives underwater.  My only complaint about the book is I had trouble distinguishing all the players, I’m not familiar with either hero’s supporting cast so the manuevers of the baddies in the background had me befuddled at times.

  19. And yea, those inserts in the books really detract from the reading experience.  I keep opening the staples and discarding ’em.

    Am loving the WW / Aquaman / Grodd minis.

  20. This was awesome. Perhaps the most intersesting Wonder Woman book I have bought in years, which says a lot since I became a monthly buyer with the last relaunch (aka the new #1, not JMS) of Wonder Woman.

    I loved the story, but when I was done, I wondered why this book had not come out sooner, like with Flashpoint #1.  It sets so much of all of Flashpoint up and wondering if I could have enjoyed the main book and tie ins a little more with this back up knowledge.

  21. I was anticipating this book and loved it. Not sure why people are bashing the art. It was on par with what I expected.

  22. Anatomy was very off. Everyone’s neck was fucked up. All the faces were effete and so were the bodies. Some of the backgrounds were decent so were most of the compositions but it wasn’t enough to make the book look great in my opinion.

  23. I actually enjoyed this and I hate wonder woman. Only got this cause I get pretty much anything dna writes.

  24. What the hell happened at the end Artemis was in the atlantean armor then all of a sudden garths in the armor and Artemis is in a dress throwing him off a balcony ? Didn’t make much sense to me.

  25. @Dans07sti  She quickly changed outfits so that Garth would be blamed.  Yeah, it happened really quick, but this is a universe where not one, but two ancient civilizations remained hidden for 2000 years using magic.  You gotta pick your battles.

  26. @MountNJ Completely agree. This should have been the second book read by anyone reading Flashpoint. It sets up the ENTIRE conflict.

  27. This was great, the art and the writing, puzzled as well over the criticism of the art, borders on just hatin to me.

  28. @Franktiger  I’m assuming you refer to to others’ comments. I did point out specifically what I thought was weal about the art. Sorry if it came across trollish.

  29. The art was stiff, stiff, stiff, but the story was extremely solid. I think the pacing of this issue’s release was perfect, right after Flashpoint #2, where we saw Aquaman and WW but didn’t understand why they were like they were. We are left dangling only a couple of weeks and then the information comes in.

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