FLASH QUESTION: Will his loss destroy the world?

Written by TONY BEDARD

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  1. You know what? No thank you this time. I pass.

  2. First issue wasn’t bad, but a bit confusing.

  3. I’m in!!

  4. You know what? More please, thank you

  5. I’m in love with this book, biggest surprise book for me in a while.  I’m not even getting Flashpoint,..can’t wait to see more of what happened/what’s happening.

  6. Okay…so if Aquaman was supposed to marry Wonder Woman, then why is he so pissed that Mera was killed? There’s mad and then there’s ‘I’m going to sink Europe and destroy the surface world’ mad.

  7. Can’t wait for this! My guess is that the big reveal is that Mera was pregnanat when Diana killed her…leaving the door open for Arthur Jr. never to have been born and this born again in the new DCU in September.

  8. Shit, I don’t even remember #1.  All these Flashpoint tie ins are starting to run together now.  I actually believe that most of them are above decent, but I’m not as harsh a critic as you more experience comic readers.  This stuff is still fun to me a little…

  9. @robbydzwonar  I agree, they have been mostly fun. Not sure why people take this shit so seriously. 

  10. This one was pretty good. I love the elseworldsness of Flashpoint, cause anything can happen to push the story forward. That plus it seems like the cast of every one of these Flashpoint books, even the really minor or quickly dead, has appeared in the DCU before.

  11. Not as good as the first issue. I did love the last page though.

  12. Vincente Cifuentes takes over art duties from Ardian (must be getting a head start on Batgirl) and impressed me, good to know he’s more than just an inker.

  13. This was better than the first issue, the art is too. Liked the origins story in this, is it the same as the real DCU’s Arthur? I don’t even know.

  14. I thought this issue was great, better than #1 in both art and story. I’m surprised the ratings is as low as it is, I thought this was one of the best books I’ve read this week.

  15. Agree with the kudos for the art.  There was a profile shot of Aquaman that was great.  I am enjoying this + WW as much as any standard superhero book I’ve read in ages.

  16. Like I have been saying Flashpoint is really fun for the summer I must admit! I was very skeptical at first but I am hooked. It sounds like alot of us are at this point and each book seems to be getting better and better as it gets ready for the climactic ending. Unlike Marvels summer junk o thon..blahhhhh..!!


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