Be there as Marvel’s newest exciting creator, Jonathan Hickman, teams up with superstar artist, Dale Eaglesham, to give you the Fantastic Four experience you’ve been waiting for! It’s adventure, it’s family, it’s tough questions in dark times. Ben and Johnny prepare for a trip to Nu-Earth while Val figures out what her dad is up to. See what happens when Reed Richards tries to SOLVE EVERYTHING.

Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR #570-574.

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Dale Eaglesham
COVER BY: Alan Davis

Price: $19.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Four issues for 19.99? Hardcover or not wow.

  2. 5 issues.  And a great Reed story.  I think that was only 3 issues though.  The other 2 issues are not worth picking up.

  3. @Win- Ooh, miss counting like that…that’s sad.

    @doddzilla- The other 2 issues are excellent, very much worth reading.

    I usually get the paperbacks though, cause they’re cheaper.

  4. Sweet.

    Loved the first arc of Hickman’s FF run (well the Dark Reign mini anyways). I didn’t particularly like that Birthday issue though…..Hope this ‘first’ true arc is just as fantastic though.

  5. Excited for the arch, but will wait for TPB

  6. Read all this singles and loved it!  Highly recommended.  I think KickAss and I are the only people that liked the two non-Eaglesham issues.

  7. Add me to that list, I like them all.

  8. Looks like people who liked every issue of this run are the majority now.

  9. Average rating of 9, wow.

    The second arc was okay, but the art wasn’t nearly as good as Eaglesham’s. 

    What aspect of your life is lacking that you feel the need to pick on someone for looking at the numbers fast and making a mistake? Or that you need to win some imaginary vote that apparently validates your opinion?

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