When Reed and Sue became parents it changed the Fantastic Four forever. What happens when Johnny Storm finds out he’s going to become a dad? Especially as he has no recollection of the night in question. Turns out the truth lies within Johnny as the rest of the FF shrinks down inside the Human Torch where they find a trap laid by one of their most powerful enemies. How can Reed, Sue and Ben cut loose to win the battle without hurting Johnny? And how can Johnny defend himself from an outside threat without flaming on and killing his friends inside him? A wild journey into fatherhood and inside Johnny Storm!


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  1. Sounds like a rollicking good time!

  2. Bah, damn pre-orders combined with late books.  Now that I don’t care about FF anymore, I’m going to try to see my LCS will cut me some slack on this one.

  3. This wasn’t that late. And Hitch is drawing it…

  4. It was supposed to come out June 2… Besides, my shop does pre-orders a month in advance, so I paid for this back in May.

    Either way, no idea who the writer is, not a fan of Hitch, not a fan of FF… blargh 

  5. @Slockhart: Ahearne co-wrote (or wrote) the final FF Millar/Hitch issues.

  6. Joe Ahearne, sorry to say, wrote probably the worst comic of 2009, "Fantastic Force," up there with Ultimatum.  Never find it and read it.  Never.

    I thought this was Hickman, but since it’s not, I have to unpull this.

  7. Apparently I had taken this off my pre-orders sheet at the last minute.  Yay for me!

  8. The guy at my store put this in my bag, and I figured what the hell? I wasn’t even aware this even existed. And damn…this was fucking awful.

  9. I actually really enjoyed myself while reading this.  Judging by the rating not everyone hated it.

    I say again: I liked it.

  10. Yeah, I thought it was fun. Some nice big Hitch pages too.

    Could have been some nice character growth for Johnny. 

  11. @darth and project I really enjoyed it as well 4 stars for me.

  12. What happened with this? Was it a left over story from the last run?

  13. This started off really good then really went downhill fast…that ending was craptastic.  As a Dad-to-be, I was a little put off by how quickly they wrapped up an issue like that.

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