Collecting issues #61-#64 from the midseventies, this terrible tome features dark and dystopian tales from talents like Wally Wood (“Killer Hawk”), Alex Toth (“Daddy and the Pie”), Bernie Wrightson (“Cool Air”), and Richard Corben (“The Butcher”). Revel in the vengeful exploits of favorite recurring characters Dr. Archaeus, Coffin, Exterminator One, the Spook, and others! This deluxe hardcover also includes all original letters columns and color frontispieces, and painted covers by Ken Kelly and Sanjulian.

* New introduction by Tom Neely (The Blot, The Wolf).

* Bernie Wrightson brings to life the disturbing H. P. Lovecraft yarn “Cool Air”!

Writer: Gerry Boudreau, Bill DuBay, Budd Lewis, Steve Skeates, Bernie Wrightson, Bruce Belzair, & Rich Margopoulos
Artist: Bernie Wrightson, Alex Toth, Wally Wood, Richard Corben, Ken Kelley, Sanjulian, Joaquin Blazquez, Isidro Mones, Jose Ortiz, Leopold Sanchez, Esteban Maroto, & Paul Neary

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