What do time-traveling Nazi UFOs, space pigs, and a hot French Resistance babe code-named the French Tickler have in common? They’re all about to run head-on into Duke Nukem, and for some of them (the ones that don’t look good in bikinis, that is), it’s gonna end painfully.

Video game legend Duke Nukem tears it up in his first comic book series! Written by Tom Waltz (The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding) and illustrated by Xermanico.

The King is finally back, baby, and he’s bigger and badder than ever!

Story by Tom Waltz
Art by Xermanico
Cover by John K. Snyder III & Xermanico

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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. What is this I don’t even

  2. This better be good!

  3. I hope this gets better reviews than Duke Nukem Forever!

  4. It’s going to be some trick to try and make this very one dimensional character interesting in a comic. So far, the woman who summons Duke, Elise Plewmann, is more interesting than he is.

  5. Always bet on Duke.

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