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  1. Still not available in the UK – duh!

    So that’s why it’s called The Forgotten!

  2. @SammorganYou guys are missing out… it’s been great!

    But having said that…. maybe somebody can help me out here.  I only read #5 once very quickly so I might be way off base here but in the last issue didn’t it seem a bit out of place for the Doctor to be seeking out the Key of Rassiolon (THats what it was right?) to be able to make a HUGE weapon just in case he needs to use it?  I got the sense he didn’t actually need it but was getting it so he’d have one up on the Daleks.  Then he used it in the "Time War"?

     I could see if the Doctor was desperate and went to go get it DURING the Time War, but him seeking out such a powerful weapon without provocation just seemed off base to me.  I could be remembering wrong…. it’s been a few weeks!

  3. I haven’t been reading this, but been buying it for the wife.  I think I’ll get to reading it this week since its finished up.  I’m pretty excited for the Templesmith one-shot though

  4. Please be advised, it seems as if the first page of this book is missing dialogue. Very essential dialogue.

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