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  1. I would buy this if they sold it in the UK!

  2. They don’t sell it in the UK??!?!?!!?  That just seems so wrong.  I’m really only buying this for my wife, she loves the good doctor.  I find it entertaining enough, but just not my cup of tea

  3. @Sam: How the hell does a UK property not ship in the UK? I mean this is made probably in the U.S. with IDW but…Doctor Who defines the UK!! What the hell?

  4. @NextChampion: There’s some shitty claus in IDW’s contract that says they can’t sell it in the UK. Forbidden Planet said they would get #1 but then removed it from their site and said it was "Unreleased". The guy who runs my comic shop though (in the UK) buys his from a comic shop in the US rather than the suppliers so he sells it (and they sell out within minutes).

  5. @ComicBookGuy37-Wow…that really blows.  That goes for the ongoing Doctor Who book as well?  It’s surprising.  It if would sell well I would assume they would be allowed to sell in the UK so long as they gave a chunk of the profits.  Bollocks to Forbidden Planet!! (Is that the proper use of the word?) 😛

  6. I don’t think there is an ongoing is there?  Just Minis from Idw I think… if not they are several months late on the other series!

  7. @Hawkboy-The ongoing is on haitus while they tell this mini story.  At least, thats my understanding

  8. @drakedangerz: Yes that is the proper use of the term. Bollocks to Forbidden Planet! At least my shop gets it…but not until Friday 🙁

  9. @drake After ‘Forgotten’ the next Doctor Who comic is a Ben Templesmith one shot.  I haven’t read anything about going back to the first Volume released by IDW seven months later.  Not saying that won’t happen but it wouldn’t make much sense. If they were not just going to do Minis then The Forgotten would have justn carried on the first Volumes numbering.

  10. @Hawkboy-The IDW Doctor Who forum has a post by Tony Lee.  He says that this is a seperate mini, and that the team from the "proper" series has at least 18 issues they want to tell.  After this mini is done, we get the Templesmith one-shot and then the proper picks up again.  It’s an old post, a few months, but thats the latest that I heard so I’m going with that.  Things have probably changed since then, but I am no stranger to long ass delays on comics.  So anythings possible 🙂

  11. What is with comics these days why can’t they just have one freaking title and stick with it.  VERY annoying.

  12. @hawkboy What it comes down is marketability. The "main" series is fun and a little more well put together than the Doctor Who Magazine stories, but the plots are a little bland (and in some cases a little confusing, at least on first read through). However, this story is told in 6 parts, so it can be easily collected. It features all 10 incarnations of the Doctor, something fans of Doctor Who really get behind. And has some "name" talent on it. For IDW it makes sense to make this a "special" event instead of "burying" it in the middle of a 24 issue run. Because at the end of the day, I can turn to my friend who is a Doctor Who fan, but doesn’t read comics and say "Hey, here’s a fun little romp with all 10 Doctors, in an intersting way" and hand her the graphic novel. 

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