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DEMO VOL 2 #3 (OF 6)

Evoking the very best of the classic Demo stories, “Volume One Love Story” features Marlo, a happy young woman with an extreme case of OCD who plots her daily travels through Los Angeles with the help of an intricate system of post-it note instructions. But one day her system is hacked and new notes appear, threatening to derail her completely.

Written by BRIAN WOOD
Art and cover by BECKY CLOONAN

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Didn’t love the first two but this one sounds interesting so hopefully this series will get on track here.

  2. While the series doesn’t blow me away, I enjoy it and look forward to more.  $3 is a fair price.

  3. Yay, Becky Cloonan!!!!

  4. I’m just down for the variety of stories. I agree that my mind has not been blown, but they are keeping it interesting every month. Plus, the back-matter is insightful.

  5. wood always does great back-matter. the back-matter in local was just as interesting as the issues!

  6. Usually my shop orders 5 of these. This week: 3. That means I have to wait…

  7. This is so the bastard child of Local #2. Wood’s not even trying to write new stories. But Cloonan’s art is well worth 2.99.

  8. @rockingeek: exactly. this was a very original story…when i first read it two years ago in Local. however i really like these kind of stories so i still gave it a 4. and the art was great.

     is it just me or do cloonans people, particularly men’s faces, sometimes remind you of paul pope?

  9. @USPUNX-Yeah, like Ryan Kelly.

  10. whoa whoa whoa…theres no need to speak ill of my favorite artist in comics. (except for maybe jim lee)

  11. I love Ryan Kelly and Paul Pope.

  12. This was great !  Yay!  My favorite of the last three.  Great art.

  13. @rockingeek: okay good, me too. especially ryan kelly.

  14. This was great! and it didn’t have a sad theme like the first two books.

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