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  1. ‘Pool vs Punisher? You gotta love that!

    First issue of this was better than most Deadpool recent ongoing stuff (Thunderbolts etc). Get on it, DP fans!

  2. I would like to say he is fighting frank castle. That alone is worth the money

  3. I’m still hesitant on picking this up. I did not like the one-shot Benson wrote at all, so I’m skeptical on if this is worth buying.

  4. @Sai

    I’m with you on the Benson thing. I haven’t picked it up because of that either. Akamuu’s review of this issue was good, so I’m tempted.  

  5. Don’t be put off by the one-shot! I can’t talk for this issue, but issue #1 was good ‘Pool. Highly recommended to DP fans.

  6. I read the first issue as my "intro to DP" issue and was kinda disappointed. Make that very disappointed. 

  7. I say only read deapool done by way.  that is all

  8. I really enjoyed this. It was good to see a guest character in a book be treated as a legit threat. Castle was definitely dangerous and I don’t think Wade was pulling too many punches. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to DD, Punisher, and Deadpool all taking Tombstone down.

  9. That Benson one-shot was not good, but it’s almost like a different writer this time around. ‘Pool is much more talkative here, much more in keeping with the way he’s supposed to be portrayed. In fact, I’d go so far as to say Benson has a better handle on Wade than Way does. 

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