Maya Lopez, dubbed Echo by the press, is a young deaf woman capable of replicating any action she sees – including an individual’s fighting style. She once nearly took down Daredevil, believing him to be the one who killed her father. After learning that it was actually Wilson Fisk, her legal guardian, who was responsible, she shot him and left New York in an attempt to discover herself. Now, with her perceptions completely altered, can she make sense of the world? Echo embarks on a Native American vision quest to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Written and illustrated by acclaimed Kabuki creator David Mack. Combining innovative storytelling, painting techniques and page design, Mack has won nearly every major comic-industry award, including the prestigious Eisner Award for Best Painter, and garnered praise from such luminaries as Jim Steranko and The Washington Times.

Collecting DAREDEVIL #51-55.

WRITER: David Mack
PENCILS: David Mack
COVER BY: David Mack

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  1. I reamember this being the biggest kick to the balls. After a bad ass issue fifty, we got five issues of Echo dreaming about making sweat love to Wolverine in a tee-pee… or something like that.

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