A new arc opens, and our next Robert E. Howard story adaptation begins! With Conan barely having enough time to get his brain and body in gear after surviving the Ilbars Massacre, he comes across Shah Amurath in the wetlands near the Vilayet Sea. After running into the shah and a fugitive slave, Conan embarks on his next quest: laying low on a remote island until the military heat in the region is off of him. However, the gods tend to enjoy putting Conan in precarious situations, and our beloved barbarian is soon enmeshed in pirate politics and a centuries-old mystery! Just how did those huge iron statues get to this island in the Vilayet Sea, what happens to the island at night, and what strange beast is stalking Conan and his new friend, Olivia?

* Iron Shadows in the Moon adaptation part 1 (of 4)

“…thanks to the pencils of Giorello and the color palette of Jos

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tom

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  1. While the last arc was undercut by the storytelling choice — all told in flashback did not work for me — it really ended well, with the best issue since some of the early Black Colossus stuff (about a dozen issues back). That was the last adaptation, so I look forward to this next one.

  2. This is a great comic! How is it only a few of us read this?

  3. @yojoe I just got back into comics after a long hiatus, and I have picked up a bunch of back issues from the Busiek run (so phenomenal!), but I am one of those obsessive compulsive completist types – I have to read everything from issue #1 on. Thus, I would like to jump on this train, but I’m going to wait until the King Conan stuff starts. Eventually I’d like to have all of the Dark Horse Conan stuff, but I can’t afford it now! 

    Can’t wait for King Conan!! 

  4. So this is Conan on Lost?  Nice!  Conan vs. Smoke Moster Locke!

  5. I’m going to miss the Truman/Giorello/Villarubia combination on Conan.  It’s been a great couple of years with them on the book. 

    @bjbancroft Jump on. This is a new arc so I’d be extremely surprised if you couldn’t pick it up just fine right here. All the DH Conan stuff is around in trade, you’ll dig it.

    @yojoe There you go.. I just tried to get another person on the book.  I don’t know why more people don’t read & discuss this one, DH has done a great job with the REH stuff, and I’m a longtime fan of Conan comics.  Excited for Roy Thomas to start up on King Conan.. he’s a legend.

  6. Odd that the beginning was a retelling of the last issue. Pure awesome-ness from there on.

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