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  1. Good to see another issue of this come out. I’ve been enjoying it!

  2. Just finished this, and I really think it would work better in trade, as I had to re-read the previous two issues to remember what was happening and who everyone was. Still, a good book, but not the best format for reading it in, in my opinion. 3/5.

  3. Yeah I had the same problem, even if this came out every four weeks it would be tough to keep everyone and everything straight.  That said, I’m really interested in the story and have been enjoying how it has been unfolding.

  4. I had less trouble following Infinite Horizon from 6 months ago than I did this issue.  There’s only one more… I’ll read all 4 together when the time comes.

  5. Did I miss issue #2.5 or something. The only issue that has made any sense was #2 but I am still enjoying this for some reason and look forward to the conclusion.

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