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An explosion in a secure Gotham City airport terminal hurls Black Canary and Starling headlong into a nightmare involving stolen pharmaceuticals, terrorists for hire and killers in stealth suits who can appear – and disappear – at will.

When Canary calls in backup, Starling’s not so sure a vengeful samurai who talks to her dead husband in a sword is the best choice.

Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. this one’ s probably on the short list for DCnU’s most likely to get cancelled titles, but i’ll keep reading

  2. I bought number 1 on a whim, and really dug it. I’m hoping for a little more meat to the story this time around, but it’s definitely my Pleasant Surprise pick of the New 52.

  3. very surprised at how much i enjoyed this. I’ll stick around for now.

  4. I like the girl with the tattoo sleeve. She is a bad ass

  5. This was probably my biggest surprise of the entire 52 (followed by Justice League Dark). I didn’t expect to like this at all, and I really enjoyed the first issue! I was super disappointed with the first ish of Batgirl, but the second made some good steps in the right direction.

    Psyched to see more of Starling, whoever the hell she is!

  6. Just like Batgirl and Supergirl, staying for the first arc.

  7. This is good. Swierczynski is a good writer and Saiz’s art is rad. The first issue impressed so I’m totally on board.

  8. After hearing a lot of good comments on the first issue, I’m picking the book up. I really like that DC is releasing reprints of the first issues on the same day as the second issues release. It is a great way to try a book that you missed out on last month.

    • I’m picking up both issues this week to and you’re right, the reprint is a great way to catch up on books that you missed or passed over. I’ll be buying both Wonder Woman issues this week to.

  9. #1 was very good. #2 was better. Team Dynamics were perfect. Starling is a fantastic addition to the DC Universe. This is being added to the pull list.

  10. You know? This book isn’t anything spectacular. It isn’t anywhere near Snyder’s Batman. But boy is it fun. I’ve never been into Birds of Prey but I am loving this book. It’s fun. It has great action. The characters are actually interesting. This is just a really solid book.

  11. I read half in the store then stopped, I think I’m going to pick it up as a trade. I need to reduce what I’m buying.
    Here’s a question. Black Canary is trying to clear her name from a murder charge, how is leaving a trail of dead bodies helping her? A lapse in logic there.

  12. Dropped

  13. I liked issue one but didn’t think it was one of the stronger new 52 titles. I am pleasantly surprised by issue 2 which I thought was considerably better than the first. I enjoyed the hell out of it and am excited for 3.

  14. Man.. I thought this issue just pumps up the action and fun… great stuff from Duane and Jesus!

  15. I didn’t expect to like it… and I really dig it! Along with JLI and Justice League of America, it strikes me as being a bit of a return to big fun n’ adventure comics. And that’s a good thing!

  16. Gave this a solid 3 as I can’t really explain it but; it seems like there was a different artist for every other few pages?? I liked some of the art and then some not so much, like the scene at the airport where they jump the cart out of the window. It looked very simple and plain just did not pop out the way it should have. There just seems to be so many dead spots for art through out the book it seems like they do not care about this series making it at all. I think the story arc so far and the characters are very good so far no problems and with the introduction of Poison Ivy at the end it is about to get a whole lot more intresting.

    Just sayin’,


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