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  1. Another great cover by Jones! Man I think people don’t give Jones that much credit.

    This and the cover for #2 are definitely up there for my favorites of the year.

  2. I think that people just like to rebel against anything that has to do with comics in the 1990s…..but Moench and Jones run on Batman during that time was actually pretty good and I agree with you that Jones covers have been pretty cool, I always liked the way he draws Batman.

  3. @cubman: Well Moench is a bit outdated now a days. I mean I like the guy too, but I definitely am not a fan of his work today. But Jones style still works for me today, definitely different from the artists we’ve seen on Batman.

    Shame that ‘Gotham After Midnight’ maxi hurts me with that argument. lol

  4. Moench was "outdated" in the ’90s, too, but he could always turn out good stories provided that the reader was open to reading something that felt a bit "out of time" or whatever.

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