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  1. chirst almighty i hate hardcovers, what a fecking rip-off

  2. i love these hardcover editions. In the day and age where you can just download whatever you want things have to be either ultra nice or really on the cheap and i don’t know about you guys but i much perfer the nice. especially when J.H. Williams is invovled.

    Also, I see no point in complaining about a rip off when you will probably be able to score this for under 17 bucks online. a whole 4 bucks less than if you bought the issues and pretty damn close to what the trade price would be in a comic store or a borders.

    i actually own this in issues, but i’m such a big morrison fan that i’m totally buying the hardcover to lend out to friends and family.

  3. I dont know I think Hard Covers are rad. They look good on the shelf and when they have a book cover its better for me because I can take it off then ill put it in my schoolbag, after I put the cover back on it looks like new.

  4. I’m a fan of hardcovers, mainly because I’m really sad and like my bookshelf to look cool 🙂

  5. I like the hardcovers for my shelf too.  Especially when people come over who dont read comics and want to take one home just by the presentation alone. 

  6. Does anyone ever get a hardcover just to see what the cardboard title itself has? Like in ‘The Killing Joke’ there is a great purple image of Batman and Joker laughing at eachother. This had a cool Black Glove symbol with Batman in the background. It makes me sound weird but I hope more hardcovers had nice little touches like that.

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