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Neal Adams’s ODYSSEY ramps up as The Caped Crusader slowly but surely loses control. A dark presence lurking in the background begins pulling Bruce’s strings…who is responsible? This second chapter is a tour de force of action as the greatest crime fighter on earth displays his vicious combat skills. What else can you expect? Adams’s art at its best!

Written by NEAL ADAMS
Sketch variant cover by NEAL ADAMS

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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. Honestly, this one’s on my pull list because I placed the advance order before issue number one hit. I will not be on board for issue 3. The art from Neal Adams is spectacular, but the story is a mess. He really needed a writer to help him out here.

  2. 2 of 6? The cover of #1 says 1 of 12.

  3. @iron I’ve seen the same as well.

  4. You know, as i was reading this I was thinking "wtf" on occaision, but ya know what?  After I was done I thought, that was actually really different and refreshing.  I’m in.

  5. That must be Superman under the costume cause he’s taking a lot of bullet.

    A LOT 

  6. @TNC: Its actually Aquaman

  7. not sure if i like the All Star BAtman and Robin type dialog. I thought better of Adams…

  8. Dropping this one. I can’t deal with Bats having guns.

  9. Im with hassler…wtf, but in a good way.

  10. This was a chore to finish.  Dropped.

  11. The dialogue was tiring and tangential but the art will keep me coming back.  For now.

  12. Adding this to my drop list. Just not getting the narrative.

  13. Adams never was a writer. Check out any issue of Continuity Comics for proof of that. I prefer his Bronze Age style to his current style — though it’s not too far off. But yeah, he’s definitely going for a Frank Miller vibe. His mistake.

  14. Adams plotted a lot of the Brilliant Deadman stuff so yes he is a writer.  And sue me I liked this book.  The Art is better than 99% of what is out there today…

  15. Adams can plot a book, but in my opinion he needs someone good on scripts and to tighten up some of his ideas. The art, of course, looks incredible as one would expect from a true master of the craft. I liked this issue a little bit better than the first, but the story just did not excite me enough to continue to keep this book on my pull list.

  16. This makes All-Star Batman and Robin look like Eisner material. I’ll give it one more issue but man this issue was even worse than the first! Easily the worst book I read this week. Such a shame, too because like many have said the art is amazing. If they had gotten a good writer for this it could’ve really been something special.

    Also, Batman has been shot more times in these past two issues than in the entirely of the rest of his comic appearances it would seem. 

  17. this is one mighty strange comic, and not at all what you’d expect from a legend like adams. dialogue and characterisation really aren’t his forte. the plot’s all over the shop, so i can only assume it’s going to go somewhere totally awesome and blow us all away. hmm. not sure i’ll stick around to find out. that said, i’m kind of intrigued too. there is something strange and fresh about it that’s oddly exciting.

    art’s good obviously. although to be honest i find the constantly strained/shocked/angry facial expressions annoying and sort of exhausting to look at.

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