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  1. Well at least I won’t have to pull this anymore.

  2. I know, right?

    Glad this is over…damn my completionist nature! 

  3. i dropped it after the first issue, suckers!

  4. That is a great cover by Ross.

  5. I’ve been very happy with the series. I do think it could have been done in 8, but I’ts been consistent. I still think it will work better in trade though.

  6. I think it could’ve been done in six; it really dragged in the middle, but it wasn’t horrible overall.


  7. It was a great concept that was…sort of enjoyable, but something was just missing. I’m one of those people that once I buy the first issue of a mini, I have to see it through.

  8. Very disappointed in the content and dropped it after 3 issues. Missed a couple of nice Alex Ross covers along the way. It’s a shame there wasn’t a better writer for this. And it’s evident that Sadowski needed an inker…maybe Bair or Lanning … to polish his work.

  9. I’m going to put off reading this as long as possible, which means probably sunday night

  10. Nice cap to the series, but it definitely wasn’t anything special.

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