Price: $75.00
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  1. I’ve been waiting for this all summer.

  2. I wish I was rich. I would buy 10 of these, one for evey room in the house.

  3. these books are usually unavailable after a few months then go for alot on ebay.


  4. My pick for best Marvel book of the decade!

  5. I can’t wait to hear opinions about this.  I read the series through my library, but I kinda want to own it because I enjoyed it so much.  If this isn’t too unwieldy, I’ll probably get it instead of the two-volume hardcover edition/paperbacks.

  6. i love love love this book, but that isn’t very economical compared to some other omnibi that have 30+ issues

  7. On one hand, I wish I could buy this just because it’s cool. On the other hand, I already have all the issues and the two hardcovers.

    I don’t really need to own this series a third time.

    @Hank = "that isn’t very economical compared to some other omnibi that have 30+ issues"

    Because there’s a REALLY big difference between 25 (with one oversized) and 30. Yeah. Big difference.

  8. i loved how this series made every1 in2 teh x men of old i mean the costumes look more advanced here n it introduced a few interesting characters & deveolpments liek beast’s new life qas a feline, armor & the funny but unfitting side of wolverine

  9. @J4K3

     well, I’m just saying that with ombini, you’re actually saving money when you buy 45 issues, but with this, you are not saving any money

     or you can just be a dick, whatever 

  10. @Hank You can buy it on Amazon and get a nice discount. Then you’d be paying less than two dollars an issue.

  11. @Hank: I bought this for $47 on Amazon. Big savings!

  12. For $47 this is a bargain. What a amazing series!

  13. @ Hank & J4K3
    Plus, the pages won’t be any more oversized than the deluxe hardcovers (at least compared to the Omnibuses that I have), which I got both for $40.88 at InStockTrades instead of the $47.25 for the Omnibus. I’m sure there are extras, but for just the story, I like my hardcovers just fine.  

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