Grant Morrison’s epic run on ANIMAL MAN collected in one massive hardcover for the first time, including issues #1-26 and a tale from SECRET ORIGINS #39.

Buddy Baker is more than just a second rate Super Hero—he’s also a family man and animal rights activist. Now, as he tries to jump-start his crimefighting career, he experiences visions of aliens, people transforming into strange pencil-like drawings, and hints of a terrible crisis lurking around the edges of reality. And as his odyssey of self-discovery gives way to spiritual enlightenment as well as the depths of despair, Buddy meets his maker: a writer named Grant Morrison.


Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Chas Truog, Doug Hazlewood, Tom Grummett, Paris Cullins, Various
Cover by: Brian Bolland

Price: $75.00
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  1. Haven’t been this excited for a comic since Invisibles Omnibus.

  2. I almost wish I didn’t have the tpb’s. I do like the old newsprint though. I’m jealous of those reading this for the first time.

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