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  1. This cover is beautiful. I have been waiting for an angel solo book for so long. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint. I always found Angel to be such an interesting character but most of what I have read with him in it has been as a background player without much depth. I know that there was the Archangel thing with Apocalypse but that aspect really never interested me because once again he was just used as a means to an ends. I hope this series sheds some new light on a very complex character that has received little attention as of late. If nothing else the art looks to be amazing. 

    I think Marvel would have been wise to price this book at $2.99 instead of $3.99. I think that the higher cover price will deter some people from picking this up, especially since he may be considered a B-level character by some readers. 

  2. I checked out some preview pages for this and it looks beautiful and the story has promise.  There is also a very favourable review of this issue on Comics Bulletin so I am willing to check out the first issue even though the price is definitely a dollar too high. 

  3. @ghostwriter. where did you see the prevew af the art?

  4. It’s sad that Angel is considered a B-list character (though I think that’s probably accurate). 

    We can blame this on Chuck Austen, right?

  5. We can blame a lot of things on Chuck Austen.

  6. actually austin made him much more interesting than he had been, blame his B-listness in the big guns-big tits early 90s.

  7. I think I am going to have to go back and read the Chuck Austen X-Men that I have. Everyone seems to hate it but I just can’t remember it being that bad. Then again my tastes in comics have grown quite a bit since then and I hold what I read to a much higher standard than I used to (not only due to cost but I stopped focusing on characters and more on the writers).

  8. Just checked out the preview pages. The art looks BEAUTIFUL and the story looks very intriguing and promising. Thanks ghostwriter.

  9. Dudes since spiderman reign, marvel knights stories have been killing it.  This book was fantastic.  Loved the art.  Even as a big x-men fan I never thought I would be so excited to read an angel book.  EVERYONE should read this one, maybe.

  10. I really enjoyed this, I’m looking forward to the next issue. As someone who has only been reading comics for a couple of years it always interested me that Angel was one of the founding X-Men and yet no one really seems to care about him. Nice to see him in his own solo series 😀 And the art was incredible, loved it!!

  11. @LadyTartan  Have you read X-men:First Class?  That’s probably the best use of the original X-men going now, though it’s totally different in tone than this one.

  12. I haven’t actually, I’m reading Wolverine First Class and I like that one. Have they released X-Men: First Class in any trades yet do yo know? If not I may go on a comic hunt next weekend haha.

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