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  1. I am so excited for this book it’s ridiculous. 

  2. I’ll bite.  I just like the idea of Ambush Bug, and I know next to nothing about him.  So it seems this book is perfect for me.

  3. Ambush Bug or Howard the Duck Omnibus?….Which one of these is the weirdest coming out for people to buy? lol

  4. I have the last two Ambush Bug mini series and the two one-shots and i freakin love them. I can’t wait for this. And I would love to get the Howard the Duck Omnibus, but I don’t have the money. Maybe Santa will bring it to me….

  5. I was actually in a used book store the other day and found a ton of old Howard comics…I should have bought them.

  6. Ilike that Ambush Bug is responsible for Ray Palmer’s wife killing Sue Dibny

  7. Sorry,  Ray Palmer’s ex-wife.

  8. This book was a lot of fun. I am a big fan of humor comics and it seems that DC had abandoned them for a while.

  9. I didn’t get all of the "inside" stuff but it was written in such a way that it was entertaining anyway. G-Mo should take cues.

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