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  1. lets hope the ribbon bookmark isnt half way across the page, as the last two volumes i have the ribbon scored and stained a nice mark right across the pages….did anyone else get this?

  2. I have the first one and I didn’t get a ribbon stain on any pages.

  3. I have all 3 volumes and I have not noticed a ribbon stain on any of them.  sounds like you just got unlucky. 

  4. I haven’t had a problem with my 3 volumes. Can’t wait for vol 4!

  5. Not so bad this time but because the books must be so compressed by the time they get to the UK i still have score marks in the paper where the ribbon is. my LCS has friends in high places so is going to speak to a few people because he said he wouldnt be happy paying £65 for it!. but im not buying them as an investment im buying them to read in this beautiful large format. Cant wait for Ronin later on in the year!!

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