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  1. DC site says this is coming out july 29th.


  2. It isn’t in my DCBS shipment.  Still listed "unshipped item".

  3. I am sooooooo glad this is back in print and I didn’t pay $150+ on eBay for it! I can wait a few more weeks for the actual release date.

  4. Yes, thank god DC is reprinting this. I’ve heard that this is THE absolute to own. 

  5. I just got the trades and hot damn! Now I NEED the Absolute.

  6. Just went to my shop and there it was! Weird that DC’s site says it’s coming out in a couple weeks.

  7. ifanboy has claimed that the original went out of print because of their high recommendation of it. LOL i somewhat agree

  8. @Brianlittle: The company websites are often wrong. We get our list from Diamond.

  9. i really enjoyed this. not sure if it was entirely worth the steep price, for me. but still excellent.

  10. The greatest, most intelligent, most far reaching, most absorbing Justice League story ever produced. However, this ABSOLUTE EDITION is not truly "absolute".  In 2008, DC produced a one-shot 48 page issue entitled Justice League The New Frontier Special.  That one-shot contained at least one story, written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke, that was DIRECTLY related to the events which transpire in The New Frontier story proper.  This 2008 story OUGHT to have been part of the ABSOLUTE EDITION.  It’s exclusion puts the lie to the label "absolute".

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