2005 Year End All Media Round Up Podcast

We here at iFanboy read a lot of comics, but we also take in a lot of other media. We thought that it might be fun to do a special podcast to chat about the best stuff we saw, read, watched, or played in the year that was. We discuss the best movies, TV shows, comics, and video games that made their way into our world in 2005.

We’ve got Part 1 of the extra special extended edition of the podcast for your enjoyment. Take a listen and let us know what’s on your mind.

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Hosts: Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, & Ron Richards

Running Time: 00:25:44

“The New Year”
Death Cab For Cutie


  1. You guys have terrible taste in comics. Batman by Winnick is a good damn book and yet you like the padded daredevil books by Bendis.

  2. Boy, are you not going to like Part Two of the Year End Podcast…

    But this is the wrong discussion thread, we didn’t talk about comics in the Year End All Media Podcast Part One, just movies. We get to comics in Part Two.

  3. I have great taste in comics! It’s just not your taste. But I don’t have Ron or Conor’s taste either. It’s subjective. Because, here’s the thing: we might not like the same thing you like. But that’s why we have a comment section.

    Again, I know this is not the right section, but since we’re here, what do you mean the “padded” Daredevil books?

    I really liked some of Judd Winnick’s previous work, but for some reason, I haven’t been attracted to his newer work. I think he turned me off when he started doing the Batman stuff. Just didn’t hook me, and outside of your opinion, which is certainly valid, I haven’t heard anything to make me want to go back.

  4. I think by “padded” he is refering to a common complaint of the Bendis Era – that the stories are too slow and drawn out and nothing happens.

    Am I right?

  5. I was reading Invincible last night (Now THERE’S a good superhero book!) and I was thinking that if I were reading them in single issue form, they would feel quite light. So I can understand that complaint, but again it’s a matter of taste, and it depends on what you like. I like that, so it doesn’t bother me, as long as the writing is good. I don’t tend to like it when it’s like Warren Ellis style “widescreen” comics, which doesn’t have as much story as it does big panels. They often look nice, but it’s usually not worth it.

  6. Hi guys! happy New year to all.

    Love the podcast for 2005 Roundup. Thought I would post my thoughts:

    1. I totally agree with josh. A History of Violence was the most underrated movie of the year. It got really good reviews over here in UK but it never really took off…. i am the only person I know who actually went to see it. Viggo is outstanding in this film. Was it out too early for Oscar nomination? If not… he should be nominated. (I am off to see Brokeback Mountain this weekend to see if it lives up to it’s hype/oscar talk.. anyone seen this yet? Or are you ‘cowboys’ not really into this movie?)

    2.King Kong – not even in my top 5 movies of 2005. Thought it was great but I can honestly say I will not go out of my way to see it again. too long/far too many unnecessary scenes. OH.. I have a Kong question that nobody has been able to answer yet… maybe you guys can help. The UK trailer for Kong had a clip in it that wasn’t in the film. I am not sure if it would have been the same as the US trailer. However, it was a clip of Ann and Carl Denham on the beach on the island standing on rocks shooting a scene (obviously pre-finding out the island is scary-people/giant bug infested) and Denham shouts something like ‘Scream Ann scream!’and see does… very loudly… and then you hear Kong roar and they all look shocked/scared.
    Did anyone else see this in a trailer? It must have been edited out but I just wanted to check I wasn’t going mad.

    3. I have seen far too many film is 2005 to remember them all (i go almost every wednesday and sometimes at the weekend)but my favs were (like most of yours) Sin City, Batman Begins, Pride and Prejudice, A history of violence, Constant Gardener, Star Wars, Sideways (was released here until this year…stupid UK!, King Kong

    4. Worst films: Mask of Zorro (i am so ashamed!), The assasination of richard nixon..YAWN… worst films for you guys?

    OK. Done. Looking forward to hearing about top tv of 2005! Last episode of Season 1 of Lost is on Wednesday and the new series of ER starts on Sunday (god I need to move to the US!) 🙂

  7. That beach screaming scene was definitely in the US trailer and was cut from the film.

    I can’t believe I forgot about THE CONSTANT GARDNER! Great, great film.

    A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE is definitely Academy Award eligible.

    I’m looking forward to seeing BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, probably on DVD.

  8. DVD? you are such a cinema-phobe.

    thanks for the Kong info. glad I hadn’t imagined it.

  9. I’m not a cinema-phobe!

    I just don’t like annoying people ruining my movie-going experience as the double-dating teenage couples sitting behind me almost did for THE CONSTANT GARDNER.

  10. The cinema experience is definitely taking a dive. I can’t stand it too much anymore. But I still go.

  11. Comment about the last podcast: I haven’t read Batman and Robin Allstar or whatever, but it must be a hell of a book to be chosen over the last issue of Daredevil. Ninjas and the FBI, fighting. Looking at the Kingpin’s face is worth the price of entry.

    About the current podcast:
    Goodnight and Good Luck was my favorite movie I saw this year.
    I too, had the experience where it was this amazing month: Capote, Jarhead, Goodnight and Good Luck, Walk the Line, and Squid and the Whale all in consecutive weeks. I saw Aeon Flux, too, but that wasn’t that good.

    Conor, watch Capote.
    I think it was you that put it best about the King Kong run time, Jackson just LANGUISHES in his quality. He’s a concieted son of a bitch and I side with the people who love him more for it.

    You guys get screeners? I want screeners.

    I like this little departure from the comic book world. I also like that it looks like it’s going to happen only once, or twice a year.
    I haven’t finished the podcast yet (ten minutes left) but I want to know what you guys listened to this year, be it Podcasts, talk radio, or music.

  12. That was Josh who loved KONG and its languishing. I wasn’t as thrilled by it.

    I get screeners through work.

    We didn’t really hit on music and podcasts and talk radio in the Year Ender… we probably should have, but it was hard enough to fit movies, television, video games, and comics into an hour.

    My favorite podcasts are The Ricky Gervais Show and TikiBar TV (a video podcast).

    Talk radio I don’t really listen to now that I’m not freelance, but when I was I listened to some sports talk on WFAN here in New York and ESPN Radio (until it started sucking) and Air America. But I haven’t really listened to any of those in a year.

    Music… I don’t really buy albums anymore. Too much crap. Besides, I’m not really a big music guy – that’s more Josh and Ron.

  13. Dude,
    Glad you liked the departure in the year end podcast, it was fun..

    we didn’t want to bore everyone with every minutia, so we limited it to comics, movies, tv, and video games.

    Personally for me, what I listen to is:
    Talk Radio – like Conor, and through force of habit, the local NYC sports talk station is the only radio station I listen to, that and the News and sometimes Air America..Mostly though in the car, I’ve been listening to podcasts

    Podcasts – I listen to way too many now, mainly web development/technology ones like This Week In Tech, Diggnation. the Web 2.0 show, Inside the Net , Engadget’s podcast and CNET’s Buzz Out Loud. I do listen to Fanboy Radio from time to time as well and I too love Ricky Gervais’ podcast

    Music – I actually got a lot this year – my stand outs have been new records by The Decemberists, Architecture in Helsinki, The Tears and Death Cab for Cutie. I’ve also been deep in a Joy Division revival and most recently dusting off oldies, but goodies like Minor Threat and Propaghandi and Quicksand.

  14. Podcasts I listen to are This Week in Tech and Diggnation, as well as a bunch of subscriptions to NPR podcasts, which is of course the other talk radio I listen to. I consistently think This American Life and Fresh Air are 2 of the best programs in any medium available.

    As far as music went, I really let that slide this year, and didn’t actively seek out much. I tend to be late to the show with music, and I don’t get into stuff until it’s already passed. For example, this year was the year of Cake. For some reason, they became my favorite band over the course of the year. Recently, someone got me the Fire Theft, which most of Sunny Day Real Estate, and it’s the best I’ve heard from them since Diary. Also, proving I’m way behind what’s cool in music, I’m just starting to really like Franz Ferdinand.

    As far as worst movies, I really didn’t like War of the Worlds. I was disappointed in the Interpreter. I was really upset that Hitchhiker’s Guide wasn’t a great film.

    And since the podcast, I’ve seen Grizzly Man, which was so excellent, and I saw the end of Kong, which I still love.

  15. You guys mentioned a box office slump in the podcast. Here’s a Q and A in which Roger Ebert addresses it:

    Q. If this was such a great year for movies, why are box-office receipts so far down from last year, even though admission prices are at an all-time high? Do you feel that there is such a growing disconnect between Hollywood and America that Hollywood had better wake up or face serious consequences?

    Cal Ford, Corsicana, Texas

    A: No, I don’t, because the “box-office slump” is an urban myth that has been tiresomely created by news media recycling one another. By mid-December, according to the Hollywood Reporter, receipts were down between 4 percent and 5 percent from 2004, a record year when the totals were boosted by Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” which grossed $370 million. Many of those tickets were sold to people who rarely go to the movies. 2005 will eventually be the second or third best year in box-office history. Industry analyst David Poland at moviecitynews.com has been consistently right about this non-story.


  16. “The Box Office Slump” is bullshit, financially.

    They’re still making tons and tons of money.

    I do not think that it’s myth that there are less people going to the movies, though. I just think that it is not effecting the bottom line… yet.

  17. oops. happy new year

  18. Dude – Happy New Year

    Josh – You really thought that THE INTERPRETOR was one of the worst films of the year? I’ll agree about HITCHHIKER’S – that was awful.

  19. I don’t think it was one of the worst films, but I didn’t see a lot of movies I didn’t like, and I remember being disappointed in that one, like it was trying to be a lot smarter and poignant than it really was. I just didn’t like it.

    I also didn’t like Red Eye. But that’s not surprising.

    Last year there were some movies I HATED. Saw was the worst movie I’d ever seen up to that point, but that was 2004. I’m sure Saw 2 was just as awful though.

  20. I really liked Hitchiker’s.
    I have Grizzly Man in my bookbag right now, it’s just waiting to be seen. I didn’t see anything particularly awful this year.

  21. If you like Grizzly Man, and you probably will, because it’s fucking FASCINATING, check out a doc called “Overnight” about the guy who made the movie, the Boondock Saints. It was incredible.

    See how we could have gone on for hours on this podcast?

  22. I didn’t see GRIZZLY MAN, but I know the story, saw the original news reports when it happened, and have read quite a bit about it.

    Poor, poor crazy man.

  23. Josh: Man up. Make a 4 hour podcast.

    The best movies I rented this year, from any year ever:
    Little Deiter Learns to Fly
    the original Italian Job
    Throne of Blood

  24. Grizzly Man might have been the best movie I saw this year. Munich was pretty excellent as well, the first Spielberg movie I’ve really liked since Saving Private Ryan. And it definitely made up for the near-abysmal War of the Worlds.

    I also really liked Squid and the Whale, Batman Begins, and Syriana. Haven’t seen Capote, Good Night, Kong, or Brokeback.

    Most of the acclaimed prestige pics disappointed, like Crash, Constant Gardener. Biggest bummer was The New World, since I love Terence Malick. Wasn’t crazy about Walk the Line or History of Violence, either.

    So all in all, 2005 was full of quality movies that I didn’t particularly love.

  25. I can’t believe i forgot about Hitchhikers. I nearly walked out of the cinema whilst watching this but the person I was with was enjoying it WAY too much so i had to pretend. I have changed my cinema-buddy since then to someone with more my taste.

    The Interpreter was ok. I was upset that I had paid money to go see it but I would watch it again. The experience of this film was made slightly more enjoyable by the fact that near the end of the film during a few close ups of Nicole Kidman, some guy who was sitting behind me literally…um…’enjoyed’ the film too much. There was a VERY LOUD groan which sent me and my friend into fits of laughter. We didn’t turn around to see who it was until the credits rolled …we were hoping to see a young, embarrassed teenage couple… OH NO… it was mid-thirties guy sitting all by himself waiting for the cinema to empty before standing up.

    Grizzly Man? IMDB tells me this is out over here in the UK on 3rd of Feb.

    Brokeback Mountain – went to see this yesterday. Very good but not as good as I hoped/was told it would be. Not the ‘instant classic’ it was trailed to be. But very very good all the same. Being the big girl that I am I went into the cinema armed with tissues (on advice of several friends I know who saw it before me). The tissues did come in useful…. to wipe my nose b/c the cinema was so damn cold! But that was all. Anyone else seen it?

  26. I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday – it was very good- I agree not the instant classic, but it was really good. Some of the shots were just amazing. Really beautiful…no need for tissues on my end.

    There were some added/unexpected surprises that made it even that much better – all in all, I would recommend it, but I don’t think its movie of the year.

  27. I loved Brokeback. I didn’t cry either, but I came close. It was lovely. My girlfriend, her mother, and her sister, all cried a lot.

  28. Saw MUNICH last night. Loved it.

  29. Is Schindler’s List a good litmus test for Munich?

    I’ve heard “over-rated” chants about this movie from some critics and reviewers.

    I used to go to the movies about once a week, but I think last year I only hit about five. (SW Ep 3, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Narnia, Batman, and Chicken Little). I want to see King Kong, Good Night and Good Luck, and Munich — but actually going to the movies is a very expensive affair nowadays.

    So I like hearing reviews from people who actually talk about their intrests, like you all do in the podcast. It makes it easier to see where you are coming from, and how relevant your reviews are for a particular person.

  30. No kidding movies are an expensive prospect, it costs me $10-12/person to see something.

    I’m going to be completely honest and reveal that I’ve never seen SCHINDLER’S LIST. Everything I read and was told caused me to believe that it would make me too sad and depressed. So I’ve avoided it.

    So I cannot comment on the relationship between the two, but MUNICH was very much unlike most Spielberg movies. It’s small in scale and tight in story. There is a distinct lack of Spielberg schmaltz. It makes you think about the world. I was more impressed with it than I thought I would be.

    I have a feeling that a lot of the criticism of the movie has political/religious/ideological motivations, beacause MUNICH has a lot of things to say that some people wont like.

  31. I can give a good perspective on Schindler’s List. I saw it for the first time a couple of years ago, and it was very good. It’s good for a few reasons. There are SOME places where Speilberg’s methods are OK, and this is one. Because of the nature of the material, he took a lot of time and care, and didn’t get schmaltzy in any way I would consider bad. I have a love hate thing with Spielberg, because Jaws is one of my favorite movies of all time, but much of his other work, including the most recent War of the Worlds, is among my most hated of film.

    I would say the most impressive thing about Schindler’s List is the performance of Ralph Fiennes, who plays probably the most evil character in modern film. It’s an AMAZING performance, and I’ve yet to see him do better work. But I haven’t seen Munich yet, but I could see it going either way for me.

    Another interesting thing about Spielberg’s work is that the opinions can very from person to person, in a way that rarely happens.

  32. Senor Spielbergo es muy bueno.

  33. Funny Schindler’s List story (don’t we all have them?)

    Senior year of high school, in my film class, we were watching it and for like 5 minutes, my teacher stepped out of the room (which had the light off for full theater effect) and while he was gone, one of the Principal’s secretaries came to our room looking for someone, and it happened to be the nudity scene. She *FREAKS* out, turns the lights on, rips the pulug to the TV out of the wall and starts screaming, “Where is Mr. M?! Who’s porno is this!?!” and we’re just trying to keep a straight and solemn face and the entire class is stammering until finally someone says, “uhm, it’s Schindler’s List” and the room goes dead silent, and the secretary looks at the TV and then back to us, and just storms out of the room.