Zombie Prose Story from Robert Kirkman

One of our favorite shops, Isotope has posted an exclusive preview of a story by Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman to be included in the Living Dead 2 anthology from Night Shade Books.  The soon-to-be released collection not only includes Kirkman's first ever published prose writing, but a piece from World War Z writer, Max Brooks, as well work from Jonathan Maberry and David Wellington, among others.

The book will be out next month, but in the meantime, make sure to take a look at the preview, and the special deal they're offering if you want to order the book.

It doesn't start with anything about a dark and/or stormy night, so that can only be a good sign, right?


  1. "The night was…"

    sorry i had to

  2. nah, there’s actually proper authors that write prose. they’re way better

  3. "Proper" authors.


    No wonder why people don’t respect comic writers when people that attitude. Ridiculous.

  4. What are you talking about? Robert Kirkman writes comics about super-silly, super-violant super-heroes and depression-porn zombie survival (which are very good) he’s not Gustave Flaubert though

  5. Silliness doesn’t equal how much of a legitimate writer you are.

  6. it does in my book

    and book is leather bind, old and written in Latin

  7. There is no room for the sillies in prose literature!

  8. words are words, regardless how wrap them up with!

  9. I’m pretty happy that Robert Kirkman is not Gustave Flaubert.  Kirkman is much more relevant. 

  10. $100 says it’s medicore. And i expect each one of you to honor the debt once this comes out.

  11. It is unlikely that his first attempt will be anything spectacular, just look at Alan Moore ans Neil Gaiman’s early foray into prose. With time, Gaiman has turned into a fantastic writer, and if Kirkman continues, I am sure he will expand his skills as well.

     Or I could be wrong and Kirkman will make Elmore Leonard look like a gimp.

  12. Man, you must hate the fact that writers like Phillip K. Dick and Ray Bradbury are so respected and admired by fans and the literary world. Despite them writing poignant and important works, you must disagree with their importance since they’re “silly” scifi.

  13. No, i can just tell the diferience between a scanner darkly and in cold blood


    But, if we are talking about nerdy Sci-Fi. has anyone read The Forever War? That book is KICK ASS 

  14. In cold Blood is one of my favorite books, but the fact is, its just a true-crime book. It is in no way half as nuanced or layered as A Scanner Darkly. In fact, its not very subtle. There was certainly something going on between Perry and Capote.

    Also, somebody should slap edward pretentious ass with A Confederacy of Dunces. 

  15. @muddi900: your sentence ended at "ass” for me.

  16. @drakedandgerz: There is plenty of room for silliness in prose. A prime example would be Kurt Vonnegut.

  17. @NathanNicado: Hey man! Whatever floats your boat!

  18. That many posts about how a book that hasn’t been published won’t be any good? Is time really so worthless? Life is for enjoying.

  19. Hey, I just posed the idea that kirkman may not be the greatest author of our generation.

    I stand by that 

  20. No, you didn’t.  You came in and said it sucks compared to other literature in order to start trouble, and show off your superior taste for literature. This is what you do regularly.

  21. Love you Josh!

    I definitely think you can compare comic artists with prose writers in terms of talent.

    I’m very well read and I’d put Alan Moore in my top five writers of all time along with Shakespeare, Blake and T.C. Boyle.

    Robert Kirkman reminds me a great deal of Stephen King. They share a couple strengths: excellent characterization/character interaction and the ability to inject fresh creativity into long-used concepts.

  22. @Scorpion: also like Uncle Stevie, he tends to not give that much of a damn.