Zack Snyder to Direct Superman reports that Zack Snyder has been chosen to direct the next Superman feature film for Warner Brothers. Best known for remakes (Dawn of the Dead) and comic adaptations (300, Watchmen) Snyder's first original feature film, Suckerpunch hits theaters next year. Who am I kidding. You know who he is. 

I was hoping for Frank Capra, but the globe keeps on spinning, yeah? 

This is all very early, but we can surmise that it's gonna look good, and that we'll probably have no problem believing a man can fly (again). Snyder knows and respects comics and superheroes and their visual language. I have all faith that he can build a Metropolis. I just hope, and I'd say this with any director, that he remembers Smallville. Because that's where Superman lives, regardless of where he hangs his cape. 

I don't suppose you have any opinions on the matter you'd like to make known right here and now…or would ya?

UPDATE: Snyder spoke to Deadline:

"I've been a big fan of the character for a long time, he's definitely the king of all superheroes, he's the one. It's early yet, but I can tell you that what David and Chris have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I've always felt he was kind of awesome. I'll finish Sucker Punch and get right at it."

UPDATE: Snyder also spoke to The Los Angeles Times:

"I can’t say why they came to me other than the fact that they know I have a fondness for the character and a real desire to understand him and present him to a new audience."

More in the link.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter claims that the villain in the film will be Zod.


  1. The Dawn of the Dead remake is like my favorite movie of the 00’s.

  2. All style no substance. Could be worse though, hopefully Superman finally kicks serious ass for once.

  3. Jon Hamm for Supes. I’ll personally fund the movie to make it happen.

  4. I thought both Watchmen and 300 kicked major ass so I’m down.  I don’t remember much about Dawn Of The Dead except for it didn’t have anything to do with the original then the fact that people were trapped in a mall and it wasn’t as good, but I’m still happy with Warner Brothers’s decision here!!

  5. I can’t wait to see Superman in a codpiece.   And his giant blue penis.

  6. I’ve only seen two Zach Snyder films and I liked them both a lot, so while he might not have been my first choice, I’m more intrigued than anything.

  7. this could be good, coupled with Nolan, His style could work with the substance Nolan will bring.

  8. Interesting. Definitely interesting.

  9. I’ve only seen his remakes.  I’ll reserve opinions until Suckerpunch.

  10. I think this means the film will be entertaining through out. Cause if there was one big problem with Superman Returns is that there were so many lulls from the action and plot. Seriously, Returns might not be a bad film per say but it is one of the dullest I’ve ever watched.

    Snyder is probably not my first choice, but I think in the end it’ll work. It would be better then Darren Aronofsky though; because that means it would be depressing as hell to watch. 

  11. Can’t wait to see how Superman gets the Zack treatment. Of course casting is going to be key!

    Be nice if this Superman joins the current Batman continuity.. some team-up action in a future movie? 

  12. I was rooting for Aronofsky, but I’m interested to see what Snyder does with the property.

  13. He makes perfect sense. I’m just not a fan. Very stylized filmmaker but his storytelling leaves me feeling empty. I am curious to see how he constructs a comic book story without using direct source material. I’ve only seen his movies 300 and Watchmen and they were both so faithful to the source material it became uninteresting.

     Brubaker talks about this in his last Word Balloon, which is excellent by the way.

  14. At least I know for sure we can expect fight scenes. Just need to know who Superman will be fighting. And it better not be Lex Luthor again. How about Brainiac or Darkseid?

  15. I’m interested in seeing him working from an original screenplay. At least it will be visually engaging…but it all really boils down to ONE THING….casting. Who’s playing Superman???

  16. @bluedream: As long as Nolan is in charge, that’s not going to happen.

  17. The man can make a nice looking comic flick. That’s really all that matters to me at this point. Teamed up with Nolan, I’m certain that he will deliver an entertaining Superman film at the very least.

  18. I just hope he can change up that "look" of his movies.  300 looked like Watchmen, which looks like Sucker Punch. It was fine for a while, but it’s not my favorite aesthetic. And I liked those first two. I also liked Dawn of the Dead. I have no interest in Sucker Punch though. Or the owl movie.

  19. This is fantastic news!

  20. Terribly disappointing. Snyder’s weaknesses only echo and magnify the problems with the distant, cold, and heartless "Superman Returns."

    Can only take the cynical conclusion here: There’s a deadline hanging in the copyright dispute, and, Snyder’s a name that plausibly fits and will likely deliver a (small) profit.

    Without Nolan’s name being associated, I’d completely write this off – and I’m a huge Superman fan. 

    At least it’ll cut together for a brilliant trailer. Let’s hope this one actually entertains beyond the 2-min highlight FX reel.  

  21. Honestly, if WB wants it grim and gritty, the movie has no chance. Grim and gritty Superman is not Superman.

  22. I think Synder is too good and shouldn’t bother with a Superman movie.

  23. I think some of the other directors were interesting for what they might bring to the table, however I’m happy with this choice in that Snyder respects comics and I think he can do Superman as a grand, fantastic film that evokes the 10 year old in all of us, which is what I think a Superman movie should, much like the first one.

  24. I feel good about this move. Snyder has a lot of visual flare. Combine that with the understanding of character and story that Nolan has and we could potentially have a very successful reboot here. However, there are certain things that must happen:

    1. Don’t screw with the suit too much, make it work in today’s world.

    2. Superman must throw at least one punch and it must hit a bad guy/alien/robot.

    3. He has to fight a giant spider in the third act.

    …no, wait, scratch that last one.

  25. A Nolan backed, Zack Snyder directed Superman movie? This is going to be awesome.

  26. AWESOMENESS! Snyder directing a Nolan/Goyer script, what a dream team! My only concern at this point is that while I love Snyders past films, I do feel that he does go overboard with the slow-mo effects. It was intense in 300 but its gotten a little old now. Also, his casting choices have not been the greatest, I really hope he can gather the absolute best talent he can for Supes, since Superman really deserves the absolute best

  27. I liked Synder’s Watchman and Dawn of the Dead remake. That said, I really dont know how I feel about him on Superman. It could be good or bad. I do know that WB/DC wanted to go in a darker direction with the Superman franchise and this is definitely in that direction. However, I’d have to say that a Synder/Nolan Superman film, hopefully with Hamm as Supes, is very intriuging. I wonder what the main storyline would be? Is this a complete rebbot redoing the origin and everything? Also anyone think Synder will heavily reference one of the more recent Superman origin stories from the comics?

  28. So we aren’t getting a sequel to the Owl Hooo Hooo movie?

  29. Karl Urban as Otis P. Otis!

  30. This news has already screwed up my week. I might rent it. But defenitly not gonna watch it on the theater, as apunishto snyder personally.

  31. The Lois & Clark sex scene at the Fortress of Solidtude to Johnny Cash’s rendition of Rusty Cage is going to be something else!

  32. @josh: Urbanburg? Urbanburg!!!

  33. This is announced and immediately people are saying it will/ does suck. He just got the job, there’s been very little preproduction and not a single frame has been shot or actor cast. He’s a heavily stylize director who isn’t afraid to take huge risks (whether you like it or not, Watchmen was a HUGE risk in dozens of ways) and he’s being backed by one of the smartest filmmakers working today, who took a franchise that was near dead in the water and turned it into a power house of a franchise that appeals to a wider audience. Yknow what? I’m giving these guys the benefit of the fucking doubt. It’s not a no-name director and it’s not Lexi Alexander. So everybody calm the fuck down with the neighsaying, cool?

  34. I’m definitely intrigued but neither Nolan or Snyder really bring a lot of heart to their work which is something I really think a Superman movie needs.

  35. I don’t know what to feel or what to think from this accouncement. I enjoyed 300 and Watchmen, but I don’t know if he’d be good for Superman. If he ends up making the film in the end, it should be very interesting.

  36. Zach Snyder is maybe the one thing my best freind and I dont see eye to eye on. I like his stuff and he doesnt, But I hope this will be cool although I am kind of disappointed that Duncan Jones didnt get it.

  37. I hope it’s not a melancholy Superman.

  38. Please, please let Brainiac be in it!

  39. On of the few directors who could get me interested in another Superman movie. Snyder might not be the greatest director ever. But he clearly gets comic books and what make them great.

  40. Yes! General Zod! Zack is a great choice.

  41. This is not good news.  Was hoping for aronovsky, but hey, the world keeps a spinning

  42. Nuts. There goes about 80% of my desire to see this movie. Dawn of the Dead ’04 waspretty good, but 300, Watchman, and Legends of the Guardians were all various levels of suck.

  43. WOW General Zod again? I can’t believe this is serious. I’m okay with everything else but I want Superman to fight Darkseid, Parasite, Metallo, or Brainiac. Why do we have to repeat the same character for a third time?

  44. Jon Hamm will get my money, Ben Affleck will not although I think he’s an excellent director not so much on the acting side.

  45. You know what sucks? Bryan Singer not getting a chance to finish the story of Superman Returns. I seriously thought that sequel would have been great. They set up the super-kid and the modern (maybe typical) american family relationship between Richard White as the step father, Lois the career focus mother and Superman as the outsider.

    It really was a very intelligent stubble up-date of the superman mythos. It was about re-establishing the values of america and family and all that stuff. 

    And the movie looked great and had heart warming moments. Remember Superman stepping out after saving the plane into the baseball stadium and the crowd going wild?  An awesome moment of modern Americana


    and of course i say this all as a non American  

  46. Good choice. Not my fave director, but he can make a fun action movie. At least its not Rattner!

  47. I saw "Legends of the Guardians" this weekend as was totally impressed. I didn’t know what to expect other than the poster that had cute owls and said "From the Producers of Happy Feet". I didn’t even know Zach Snyder directed it until the day before I saw it. It was so not the movie I was expecting and was blown away by the visuals and voice acting. Honestly, say what you will about "300" being all style and no substance, but it was a thin book, his "Watchmen" Ultimate Cut is amazing and Dawn of the Dead was so much better than it had any right in being. While I’m not super pumped about Zodd being the villian, I trust Snyder as a filmmaker that I have no doubt this will be great.

  48. I’m guessing that we won’t have to worry about Superman throwing a punch in this version. And to be fair we’ve had out art film Superman movie. I want the action movie now.

    And I wouldn’t mind if he chooses a good arc and adapts it rather than an original story. Too bad I can’t think of any great Superman stories other than the Geoff Johns Brainiac arc and that one may be way too confusing for new viewers. 

  49. Definitely an interesting choice, and I trust that these filmmakers, with their past success, will make the right choices for both the movie and character.  With Nolan behind his back, Snyder probably won’t go wonky stylized, but I think we’ll get a good looking movie with a solid story.  And really, that’s all we can ask for at this point in the game. 

  50. I’m gonna try to reserve judgment until I see the finished product, but the last thing a Superman movie needs is a bland nu-grunge soundtrack and slo-motion action scenes. Seriously, who thinks that slowing down action makes it more exciting? Alright, I’ll bite my tounge and hope for the best…

  51. I’m sceptical. 300 and Watchmen were pretty much shot for shot remakes of their source material and that’s why I didn’t care much for them. I want a director that’s going to make a property their own.

  52. Everbodys complaining that Zach Snyder will be too gritty for the film. Well Here’s my arguement: Before Richard Donner directed Superman the Movie he directed The Omen. Who’s to say Snyder cant do the same?

  53. @edward: They technically could do a sequel to that plot. Cause Snyder could just adapt (and why wouldn’t he adapt at this point?) Geoff Johns and Richard Donner’s ‘Last Son’ arc from so many years ago…..In fact if the studio wanted to continue in the vein of slightly connecting all of Reeve’s films then they could definitely do that story.

    Then again, also, that story was pretty crappy so maybe we shouldn’t ask for that. 

  54. At least we can guarantee this movie will have LOTS of super slow mo cgi action.

  55. @ RPG Nice Kevin Smith reference.

    I am excited about this. I thought th Watchmen was good and he will do a good job.

    @SCOOTMAN How about all three? Snap!! Of course the giant spider fight is a must

  56. @TNC: that would be cool 

  57. I’m relieved.  i’ve passionately hated everything that Christopher Nolan has ever directed, so I’m extremely trepidatious about this.  I enjoyed 300 and Watchmen, so there’s hope.  It probably will be all style, no substance, but considering that the last Superman movie was all substance no style and it flopped that might be for the best.

  58. I’m taking a deep breath and holding it until this comes out.

  59. Superman Returns should not be cited as a metric for "movies with substance". Singer tried to update the obviously dated Donner films and failed miserably at it. It did so many things wrong, they are not even worth listing.

    Of course, Anybody who saw watchmen would tell you how it did so many things wrong as well. Especially the fight scenes. But it did a lot of things right, so there’s hope.

  60. He seems like a reasonably good fit.  He does an excellent job with action and has a great deal of respect for the character.  I don’t generally watch Superman films looking for some deep meaning, I’m in it to see him kick ass and represent the best aspects of mankind.

    I can see this being very good. 

  61. The villain is Zod?!?! Really?!?  Will Hollywood ever take a chanc on other Superman villains??  Freakin’ ridiculous…

  62. I find Snyder to be a completely uninspired choice and one that will sadly keep me from watching this film. There are many interesting directors out there but Snyder is not one of them. I hope Nolan’s involvement is minimal and he lets Snyder blow this one on his own.

  63. I don’t get the hate, everything I’ve seen of Snyder’s has been great fun and Superman should be fun. I’m on board.

  64. I love the idea. Snyder understand what fanboys see in their characters and the stories around them. So what if he has some style thrown in the mix, in my opinion the superman franchise can use some style. The only reason most fanboys hate watchmen is because they are too stuborn to admit it is exactly what they have been asking for.  I’d be wiling to bet large amounts of dollars that snyder hated singer’s superman as much as the next comic fan, and he wants to rectify that.

    but thats just me.

  65. I’m  OK with this. The way things are moving at DC now – branding over characters, that kind of thing – WB is going to have a heavy hand in this and hopefully they’ll learn from Returns mistakes.

    Plus, I’ll bet Superman will hit something this time.

  66. The villian Snyder needs to do…Mxyzptlk! Give the visual film maker a crazy visual villian… amazing movie right there. 

  67. Superman’s flight speed will top out at 6 mph. Just slightly faster than a bullet in a Zack Snyder film.

  68. @ SirCox:  I loterally just lol’d.  That’s hella funny.

    mikeandzod21, I agree with you.  A flipside example: I was really excited with Singer on board before, and we all know what happened there.  Maybe those people who aren’t jazzed about Snyder will ber pleasently surprised.


    As far as the villain, I know they’re saying Zod, but when the news first broke about Nolan and Goyer’s involvement, the hints at the plot were that the Daily Planet was in trouble due to the internet being a faster source of news, and Brainiac would be the villain.  But, I suppose scripts change constantly.

    I, for one, am excited.  I just hope they cast it right.

  69. if Jon Peters is attached to produce forget about it being any good.

  70. So, sorry this is so long, but this was how I kept myself entertained at work today. 

    Here is my Superman movie. Zod is behind a plan to take over Krypton. He uses Brainiac to complete some plan, and as a result Brainiac does something that causes the destruction of Krypton. Film one would deal with the destruction of Krypton, than skip straight to Superman already being established as a hero. Up until this point Superman is touted as Earths greatest hero, and is introduced in a battle with Metallo. He defeats Metallo and we find out that Luthor was behind Metallos creation. Luthor should be a business man, not a criminal on the run. After Metallos defeat Luthor tries to find another way to defeat Superman, and finds out a way to open the Phantom Zone to release Zod, OR perhaps to change things up a bit, we find out Zod escaped Krypton and pursued Kal El believing it to be Jor El. He follows him through a worm hole, and on the other side, though its minutes for him, he finds out years have passed and Kal El is the sole survivor. With him he brings a copy of the Brainiac program. He confronts Superman and is defeated, still not to full strength, and is approached by Lex Luthor who teams up with him. Luthors vast network provides Zod with the perfect avenue to download Brainiac into the system, thus providing him with total access to any global system he needs, including weapons etc. With Brainiac in the system Zod can now find a way to use Earth technology to open up the Phantom Zone and release his generals. Luthor, of course, hopes to kill Zod once Superman is dead and he has global control, but Brainiac, now that hes in the system, downloads all of Earths information, and decides Earth needs to be destroyed as well. At this point Zod is now stronger and knowing the control he has with Brainiac in the system he demands submission from Earths leaders. Superman confronts him and that is when Zod reveals his plan and launches a nuclear attack. As Superman tries to stop the nuke from reaching his targer he battles Zod, eventually beating him again, stopping the nuke in the nick of time, throwing it into space, only to be caught in the blasts shockwave, sending him plummeting to Earth. Zod believes him to be dead and moves forward with his plan only to find that Brainiac has turned against him and intends to destroy Earth and not release Zods people from the Phantom Zone. Zod has a kill switch for Brainiacs programming and threatens to deactivate Brainiac. Brainiac concedes and opens the Phantom Zone. Moments later Superman appears, battered and weakened from the explosion, moments too late to stop the Phantom Zone from being opened. He tries to stop it but in his weakened state, and with Zod increasing in strength, he gets his ass kicked. The battle explodes into the city and the two supermen attack each other, destroying much property in the meantime. Superman is on the verge of collapse, but in typical Rocky fashion, he finds a reserve of strength and subdues Zod, only to be attacked from behind by Zods people, now escaped from the Phantom Zone. Superman is beaten and almost killed, but Lex shows up and stops them, comparing his hatred of Superman to Zods hatred of Jor El in order to get the privelege of dealing the death blow. Lex takes Superman hostage and puts him in a room with red sun lighting and starts performing experiments on him, and torturing him. Lois eventually shows up and breaks Superman out. After a moment to recover and gain back his strength Superman realizes defeating Zod, his people, Brainiac and Luthor wont be possible with brute strength and comes up with a plan to defeat them. In the end Zod and Co are sent into the Phantom Zone, Brainiac is shut down, and Luthor manages to avoid blame.

     Without going into more detail, in future movies we find out that Luthors experiments on Superman go a long way and future movies can deal with the return of Brainiac in physical form (perhaps a bond between him and Luthor is created and Brainiac survives complete deletion), the creation of Bizarro, the creation of Parasite etc. By the 3rd movie Luthor may find a way to turn public opinion against Superman, citing the supervillains that have showed up tied to Supermans Kryptonian heritage. In part 2 it would be revealed that when Kal El was first sent to Earth his ships energy signatures caught the attention of Apokalyps (or however you spell it) who have been searching for Earth for some reason, but have been barred from open search due to a treaty with the New Gods. Perhaps a weapon exists on Earth that would help Darkseid defeat the New Gods or something. The Phantom Zone technology works on the same principles as Boom tube technology and when Zod was sent into the Phantom Zone this finally allowed Darkseid to pinpoint the existence of Earth. In part 2 we find out that Luthor has been using Kryptonion technology, combined with tech gained from Inter Gang to create a body for Brainiac, or perhaps a suit for himself if Brainiac exists in Luthors mind. This would set up the massive battle in part 3 where Darkseid reveals himself to Earth and Superman must stop him. Confronted with Earths greatest threat Superman defeats Darkseid and proves himself as Earths greatest hero. Alternately, all of the Apokalips stuff may be set up in the Superman movies, and that is what a Justice League movie can be about.

    Obviously I borrowed ideas from the animated series, but in my mind TAS was my favorite version of Superman and there are soooooo many great ideas that would work perfect for a movie trilogy.

  71. Exciting news!  NOW we look forward to ALL the casting rumors!

  72. Awful.  Watchmen was unwatchable