Your Next New Avenger is… Jewel

It took me a second to figure out who I was looking at, but the next member of the new New Avengers team is none other than Jessica Jones, otherwise known as Jewel, but not the Alaskan one with the soft voice.  Immonen made her kind of buff, didn't he?  No word on whether baby Cage will join them on adventures, or who will be recruited to babysit while the proud parents are off adventuring.



  1. Ok I am officially back on this!

  2. Wish she was coming back in Alias, but oh well.  This will have to do:)

  3. hmm… was about to say they’d clearly leave the baby with jarvis, but that didn’t work well last time…

  4. Really happy she’s becoming Jewel again, but I wish to find out who’s the remaining people on the team before I decide.

  5. They need an Avengers day care center.

  6. Awesome.

  7. i say someone call agatha harkness to babysit!

  8. In the next Alias series she can now say that she was part of the Avengers twice.

  9. *sigh*

    Why do we need two books where Bendis can stroke off his pet characters?

  10. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    This doesn’t go with the character at all.  For years in Alias – she was against being a superhero. As a mom — she seemed even more opposed to being a superhero. Hopefully, there’s a major reason for this character change – because I thought her reluctance for fighting crime made her a more interesting character.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You know what? Sold. 

  12. Whos next Maria Hill. I think Bendis should just take his female characters and do the Bendis’ Angels.  You could take Jess, Jessica and who would make a good third. Carol maybe, Brian likes her or maybe Natasha. Bendis like Widow too.

  13. i say where is pepper potts? we need a little rescue.

  14. So, there’s a complaint that a writer is finding a way to write characters he really likes? What in the hell is wrong with that? I mean, you can not read the book, but jeez.

  15. I was quite stoked to see Jewel back in costume in the latest New Avengers Annual, and I’m glad that Bendis has more plans for her. Will be looking forward to this.

  16. Immonen rules my face. He does an awesome job of making female characters look good while not "whoring" them up.

  17. When Cable’s book ends, he can watch the baby!

    Seriously, I’m psyched about this.  I was wary at first about the "Jewel, Space Pirate" scenario, but I like the way Bendis has been using Jessica in New Avengers.  And once she’s created as a Marvel character, there’s always the chance of having someone else come along and use her — so why not let Bendis continue the story.  If I’m just going to pick up one Avengers book after the relaunch, it’s gonna be this one, because of BMB’s history with this group.  Awesome.

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @josh – Seriously. I can’t understand that kind of mindset. "Write characters you don’t like! It will somehow be a better reading experience for me!" 

  19. @Arrrggghhh – They’ve been leading up to this for months in the pages of New Avengers. It’s not a shock.

     @jmsnyder – I would totally read that book.

  20. For a second I said to myself "…Staite?" and then "Wait, the singer?"

  21. Wow. Tag-team ifanboy.  I like it.

  22. I have to admit, until I read this post, I had completely forgotten Jewel-the-singer existed.  Which is interesting because, while I never owned one of her albums, my brother once enlisted me to go through the line at Borders and purchase her book of poetry, which he was giving to his girlfriend but apparently could not be seen with.

  23. YES!!!! SCORE!

  24. Yep, this is a good choice. I, too, feel that Bendis has been slowly moving Jessica toward this. Do people really think because she not a hero in Alias, this is somehow a step backward for her character? People change. This is actually a step forward, as being a super-hero in this universe is what people aspire to. Plenty of working moms out there who still aim for their dream job. So maybe she’s just finding herself again, y’know? Evolving. I don’t know. What I do know is that Bendis writes a very compelling Jessica; she’s a real 3D character. And further, he handles Luke and Jessica well TOGETHER, so I love the idea that we’ve got a married couple on the team. 

    Fingers crossed for Iron Fist, honestly. And Ms. Marvel. It’d be like an awesome extended family that way. 🙂

  25. Okay, awesome.

  26. @daccampo  Isn’t Iron Fist having a baby with Misty Knight, too?  She should *at least* be an auxiliary member of this team.

  27. Imagine how dirty her costume must get after a day’s heroing. It’s just not worth all that hassle for wearing all white like that.

  28. As much as I would like to cling to the past and wish Alias back into existence, the character and the universe she inhabits have been through a lot since then. There is a Bendis-written story in Amazing Spider-Man #601 wherein Jessica and Peter Parker have a long talk about this subject, and Pete imparts some words of wisdom that make the image above seem almost inevitable.

    That’s if you’re looking for in-story reasons. As for real-world considerations… I’ve been waiting for Bendis to spend some more serious time on Jessica Jones for ages now. If someone is going to pull this move, I want it to be her daddy. Bring it on, sez I!

  29. I’m excited for this book, but I fail to see why they feel the need to make a New Avengers #1 when this is esentially the same team from the current run.  Why not just Dark Tower it, and do a new number one every story arc?

  30. Crap! I’ll play your game Marvel… THIS TIME! I was not going to get this book, but the team just keeps getting better and better.

  31. This is completely against the characterization. But, hey, he made the characterization, so Why not? I am stoill not excited about the book, but this is the best promo poster of all! Immonen’s is my favorite artisit at marvel now.

  32. Love it, love her. I do have to agree with her own opinion on her costume. It’s awful.

  33. What this picture says to me: "The first one who makes a butt sex joke gets punched."

  34. Just read over at Newsarama about a BMB bi monthly 5 issue mini called Avengers Prime: Siege Aftermath.  Says it will star Iron Man, Thor and Steve-Cap.  OH MY GOD another book about characters I like by a writer I like. Whatever will I do?!?!?!?  🙂

  35. Why am I more excited about this team than the JR Jr book?

  36. Yay! I’ve first read her in Young Avengers, one of me firsts series. Gald to see her back in the tights!  Bendis is the Rick Rubin pf super heroes.

  37. Will the next member of the team be Iron Fist?

  38. What she’s just going to make her mom take care of her child all the time.  How unfair to her mom and her child.

  39. Oh I’m sorry they’ll just throw the kid into the future and he’ll come back a teenager/adult superhero.

  40. Hell hath no fury like an angry Baby Mama. This is good this is the kind of mixing it up i was looking forward to. Being a mom myself I know that your world changes when you have a baby, and if your Jessica and your baby daddy is out there in the line of fire you would want to be there too. To protect him or bitch him out when he tries to do something stupid. I can see how in her shoes she would be inspired to become Jewel. Daddy aint the only bad ass role model in the family, nah mean! this is going to be intersting, can’t wait.

  41. I really don’t think that caption fits at all. It really should be something like "I $^&*^&*(& all the #)*#*)#)* out of those @$$@()@" 😉 Cage and Jessica Jones is a pretty goo lure for me to check out the book. THough I have to admit… bit tired of teasers already… just give me the damn book!

  42. She going to read her poetry to bad guys until they surrender just to shut her up.  Seriously, if the first arc isn’t called "A Night in Armor," I’m not buying it.

    No, wait, I’m not buying it because it’s written by BMB and I’ve been burned by his writing too often to ever care about it, again.  That’s why.

  43. "I strive to better myself"

    That was the plot of the Ms. Marvel book! (probably some others too).

  44. @Quinn Wow.  Sounds like you’ve taken this pretty personal.

  45. C’mooooonnn Iron Fist get drafted. C’mooooonnn Iron Fist.

  46. She’s purty!

    What’s her powers!

  47. @jumpingjupiter Imagine if Mr. Incredible could also fly. She’s basically 90s Rogue but without the power draining. flight, super strength, limited invulnerability

  48. This will be way more interesting than more:

    *holding baby*

    "Hey, Luke, be careful out there!"


    *holding baby*

    "Ohmygod, did Luke get hurt?"

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s been fun as the Avengers’ background mother figure, but it’ll be interesting to see her explored in a way we really haven’t before.

    Also, ALIAS isn’t coming back, so… time to push ahead.

  49. I’m with conor, I don’t think the world needs more ALIAS. don’t get me wrong, it was good. But sometimes ending in a high note is smart. No one wants to remember a watered down ALIAS rehash.

    I hope we see more Purple Man though. His fourth-wall talk is CREEEEPY! As opposed to Deadpool‘s approach at humorous fourth-walling.

  50. Still, someone needs to watch that damn baby.

  51. If Iron Fist is on the team, then I’m all over this book.

  52. I hope the next person they annouce for the team is the babysitter. What was that Nanny character from the X-verse all those years ago? She’d be great. Or Aunt May.

  53. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Maybe the baby will be aged-up, sitcom style. 

  54. @Mangaman I’m guessing you’ve put THE PULSE out of your mind then?

    @Conor I’ve always felt Jessica Jones didn’t mesh well with the non-MAX Marvel Universe and the way she was used until now more or less supports that. I’m all for pushing ahead, but sometimes it’s best to just end and it leave it be. 

  55. It occurs to me that the next reveal will probably be Steve Rogers as leader of the team.  And I am perfectly okay with that. I’m sure Iron Fist will be included even if he isnt a reveal. 

    The more I think about this the more excited I get. Marvel is attempting to give us EVERYTHING we want.  We get the "classic" Avengers lineup in Avengers (with Bucky Cap). We get the much beloved original New Avengers cast that BMB used to pull so many new fans into the fold.  We get to see Luke Cage reassume the leadership role that he has held since Steve originally "died" in Thunderbolts.  And they are keeping the idea of, the fan loved, Initiative around with Avenger Academy.  I’m still in the dark about Secret Avenger but with Brubaker invloved I’m sure it will be great. (Hmmm, actually maybe Iron Fist will turn up in this book…yeah that could work.)

    While I was looking forward to a single Avengers book I am RAPiDLY embracing this idea of a close knit Avengers family.

  56. @Prax: I’m going to disagree, she’s been a fantastic addition to NEW AVENGERS.

  57. About the Renumbering – Also a #1 has a lot of pull as a great jumping on point.

  58. I know that we’re kind of past the era of the non-costume costumes, but I really can’t see Jessica Jones dressing up in spandex with her history.  It’s great if she gets a more prominent role, but I just don’t see bringing back the Jewel identity.

  59. @PudgyNinja: Going back to the costume fits in with the idea of a "Heroic Age".

  60. I hera that the reasoning behind the renumbering is down to the fact that you can’t have a book that’s five or more years old but still call it "New" Avengers.  However, I wonder if this kind of literal reasoning means they ought to call it New New Avengers or something.  Still, I don’t really care as, with Immonen and Jessica, I-AM-THERE!

  61. @Conor – I think I object more her specifically going back to being Jewel than the idea of a costume.  But, of course, this promotional material could just be to give us an idea of what’s going to happen – not exactly what she’s going to be wearing/how it plays out.

  62. @PudgyNinja: I can very easily see a situation where after deafting Osborn, Steve Rogers tells everyone that it’s time to be heroes again and Jessica being moved to suit back. She would totally do it if Steve asked her to.

  63. Eh…..I could go either way with her on this team. Not a fan though.

    Still funny how this ‘New….new new new’ Avengers is still practically the same team. Useless #1 change.

  64. Bendis has said that the way that these posters are drawn (see: Hawkeye) is not how the characters will look in the actual books. So I think that this is just the most "classic" version of Jewel that we have on file. I doubt that she wears this costume in the actual book, but I’d get used to it if she does.

    Personally, I am very excited about this news.

  65. @Conor – Yeah, I could see that.  I still think she’d complain about it.  But, you’re right – it does fit thematically with the idea of going back to or reclaiming an age of heroism.

  66. I think Conor is dead right here.  They’ve done what they can with her as a background character and now it’s time for her to move forward with the rest of the universe.  This is the most excited I’ve been for a comics announcement since I found out Batwoman was becoming the lead in Detective for Rucka’s run.  Good stuff.

  67. And of course, as soon as we start talking about this, Bendis goes on Twitter saying that Quesada wants him to do an ALIAS mini-series.

  68. @conor lol.  I was just going to say that I’ve moved on and I was just kidding around.  Guess I don’t have to move on then.

  69. @vadamowens: Well, in a sense you (and all of us who loved ALIAS) have to move on. Even wehn — if — that mini-eries comes out, it won’t be the same. Jessica is too well incorporated into the Marvel Universe and the story of the Avengers at this point. Going back and revisiting her gritty PI days could be fun and interesting but it won’t be the same. Too much has happened in the meantime.

  70.  I loved the character in Alias, but haven’t bought an Avengers comic in so long, I have no idea what she’s like now.  I trust Bendis will treat her right though…

  71. @conor Yeah, you’re definitely right about that.  I’m sure you’re just as excited about this as I am.  It sounds silly, but I’m actually getting goose-bumps thinking about all these new books.  I’ve never read a current Avengers book with Iron Man, Cap, and Thor in it.  So I get to experience it soon, month to month, and that totally kicks ass.

  72. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Ben Grimm’s a good babysitter!

  73. This is so anti-climactic. With every reveal, it seems that this BOLD! NEW! Avengers line-reboot is just more of the same.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you guys like this, good for you. But as someone who’s tried and failed to get into the Avengers titles over the last four years or so, I really have a perspective on how little change is going on.

    We’ve already had about 150 "Avengers" comics written by BMB. So the fact that he’s staying on to guide the line is in itself NOT a move forward.

    Second, "The Heroic Age"? I like back-to-basics storytelling, but this strikes me as the definition of retro. Not moving things forward, just EVEN MORE whistful nostalgia. This stuff might look good–but only to the extent that aging comics readers want to be ten years old again. I’m guilty of his mindset myself. It’s why I read X-Men Forever. But the thing is, X-Men Forever doesn’t hide how backwards it is

    Thirdly, Bendis already tried a straight-out heroic Avengers book. It was Mighty Avengers. And he already wrote most of these characters before. We’ve seen these movies before. The things Bendis does best are smarmy, wordy, needlessly irreverent sitcom dialogue…and stories cloaked in crime/noir tropes. If you like the way he does those things, cool. But both of those things are decidedly non-"Heroic". So with all of these titles Bendis will either be purposely avoiding his strengths as a writer…or else he’ll be betraying the "Heroic" banner by returning to the same types of things, with the same characters, he used in his past Avengers work.

    Again, if you like this stuff–cool. But to me this smacks of all that was bad about the X-titles in the ’90s thru 2000 or so. Revamps that aren’t really revamps. Expansions of lines beyond the warrant of good ideas. Prolongations of story points because the writing crew has no idea how to utilize them. And Wolverine in too many issues. You guys are repeating the mistakes of the past. But, that’s okay, in 1999 I still THOUGHT I was enjoying the X-titles…

  74. I’m just disappointed it wasn’t the 90’s singer.  misleading headline!!!

  75. Shakespeare wrote a hundred and fifty or so sonnets.

    When should he have stopped?

    I’ll wait to see what a writer can do before I say what they can or can’t do.

    Might want to get your pleasure/pain centers checked if comics can trick you into thinking you enjoyed them.

  76. now that she’s got crazy mom powers, she is unstoppable!

  77. If she ain’t got violet hair (or at least highlights) she ain’t my Jewel.

    Oh, wait, she had a really, REALLY bad time with the Purple Man, didn’t she? So, she could now have a thing about purple…

    [rethinks entire comment]

    Never mind. Yay! Jewel! I just emailed my LCS to add this title to my pull list.

  78. @ajmortys – If like a car pinned her baby down to the ground, she could probably crack the world in half.

  79. I think the New Avengers book will be the most fun. Still, I liked the one team with these guys, and Captain America leading them.  Jessica on the team, as Jewel?  There’s a lot of fun potential here.

  80. I nominate Spidey as steady babysitter!

  81. @scorpionmasada He should have stopped before he began. 😉 

  82. Fuck!



  83. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  84. I hope the 5th reveal is someone nobody expects.  I’m looking forward to this anyway, but I’d just love to see something unexpected to stir up the pot a little.

  85. When they were semi-revealing the Secret Avengers line-up I seem to recall they revealed two silhouettes on the friday so they might reveal two more characters tomorrow. If they are Iron Fist and Daredevil this book will float right to the top of my must read pile.

  86. This litrally made me go, "what who is tha……" then suck in tons of air exitedly.  I love Jessica….

  87. Damn . . . taking shots at Shakespeare ahahha

    I expected more of "now you are comparing Bendis to Shakespeare" type response.

    I’m excited for these books, but the only one I will be picking up in issue is Avengers Academy.

  88. I think this fits the progression of the character just fine. In Alias she was a failed hero and completely fed up with the very idea. Then she got involved with Luke Cage, which I think is step one toward coming back to superheroing. It’s pretty clear to me that Bendis, through The Pulse and New Avengers, has been progressing Jessica Jones to what’s coming up.  Characters tend to evolve, especially the side characters that aren’t the subjects of movies. Used to be a superhero –> quit for a while but still couldn’t distance herself from superheroes, no matter how hard she tried –> dated/married a superhero –> hung out with the Avengers every moment they weren’t out fighting –> had to use her powers to fight Skrulls and Norman Osborn’s goons on multiple occasions –> gets encouragement from Spider-Man (the selfless superhero she used to be "in love with" in high school) and Steve Rogers in regard to being a superhero –> whatever happens now.  Seems pretty linear to me.

  89. I guess I’m going to be all boring and say, I’m going to give them all a shot and drop the losers. I love the Avengers characters and wouldn’t mind buying all four if they are good

  90. @Scorpion It was meant to be a bit of a joke, in regards to some people’s reactions to Bendis. As I said before, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are a one-two punch to get me into a book. However, I just feel like all Jessica used to do in Bendis’ book was stand around with the baby – much like Conor pointed out – with maybe one or two "Alias"-type comments. Now, I did drop New Avengers with 54 so maybe things changed, in the past year (Which I doubt). THink there might be more Avengers books than I reasonably read, though so I’ll have to cherry pick after the first issues.

  91. I think it was the avengers annual where jess went with mockingbird and carol (?) to go rescue hawkin roneye from the helicarrier and i really enjoyed her participation in that. i’m not too sure of marvel history before new avengers started, but has jess actually been in a costume much in the "present" rather than the "past" she alludes to alias (i’ve only read the first trade)? That’s what has me excited, as how the more confident jess of today, instead of just hanging out with heroes or being married to one, deals being one of the people that people in the MU look up and aspire to be. 

  92. Awesome! I’m getting geekily excited for these Avengers books. I love the character of Jessica. I’m one of those people that met her in NA first and went back to Alias. I’m all for her getting some center stage ass kickery under her belt. Besides she’s got good banter. 

    Also let some of those who don’t like this, keep in mind. There should be a female if not a couple on Avenger’s teams. We don’t know who’s on Secret. And from the adverts on adjective-less Avengers, they have Spider- Woman, New could/should use a female as well.

    And, this may sound crazy, why don’t we all wait to read the first issue or first arc before we s*#$ our pants in furry. 

  93. @ohcaroline
    "When Cable’s book ends, he can watch the baby!"

    I lol’ed.

  94. No furry @#$%! pants then. 😉 Reminds of a joke about a rabbit and a bear.

    Okay, I’m sorry, someone had to do it.

  95. I hope the next reveal is ‘double take’ worthy.

    "The new New… new new new Avenger is……Squirrel Girl!"

  96. Think this is great. Love the character. Love the team. Love that all these books start at a new number one. Love all these announcements. Really don’t understand the negativity.

  97. @oh caroline & amircat

     Alright.  If we get Avenger’s Daycare with Cable just watching a whole bunch of the Avengers’ babies, I will buy every issue of that book at cover price.

  98. Any actual New Avengers appearing. No. Then why call it new again. All-Star Avengers or Avengers-The Streets would have made better sense :@

  99. I know I’m flogging a dead horse but…who the hell is going to lead them. Bucky, Iron Man, and Spiderwoman are on the regular avengers, steve rogers is (presumembly) on the secret avengers. Now this isnt a slight towards Cage(since he could definitly lead) and I know we have at least one more image coming our way but who could it be? Ms Marvel? Hank Pym? Nightcrawler? Elsa Bloodstone? DEADPOOL!?!? These are the questions that need answering!

  100. @Patman2: From those we’ve seen – Luke Cage, clearly. He’s been the leader of the New Avengers for a while now.

  101. @conor: Clint is the leader post-Secret Invasion.

  102. I agree with the idea that Luke Cage is the new leader. He has more than earned it and has shown he can be good in the role. Clint has been the unofficial leader for the past year so i think its time Luke got his chance.

  103. @muddi900: He might think he is but I don’t see him that way. Luke’s the real leader in my eyes.

  104. @conor: If the "facts" do not lineup with your imagination, doesn’t mean you can change them! 😀

  105. I don’t care either way if Jessica comes back to superheroing, as I do not have any real tie to the character, but I really don’t like that costume design.  Just a little too retro for me, and not the ‘good’ kind of retro.  It won’t stop me from giving the series a shot though.

  106. @MisterJ  I can almost guarantee Jewel’s getting a costume redesign sooner rather than later.  That costume was basically a joke when it was featured in Alias (though not as much of a joke as Knightress — I’m glad Jess isn’t trying THAT identity!)

  107. You’re not wrong, but I think it’s supposed to be the ‘bad’ kind of retro. In Alias, Jessica had given up superheroing and looked back on it with embarrassment, so I think the outfit was designed the way it is to be the costume equivalent of your high school yearbook photo. "Ugh, I can’t believe I ever wore my hair like that!", etc.

  108. @Jimski  — Jinx, you owe me a coke.

  109. @ohcaroline and Jimski-If you guys are on the right track, that is some good and clever stuff.

  110. @Conor: Yeah your probabbly right. I just love anticipating stuff, and these avengers teams have been alot of fun so far.

  111. And The Thing is an Avenger! This is officially my new favorite thing!

  112. Wow… did not see that coming.  Excited though!

  113. PraxJarvin: oh I own the issues of The Pulse. It’s nice for a quick reread, just wouldn’t necessarily want a new run on it. Her relationship with JJJ is pretty much extinguished due to his loss of the Bugle which was really a big portion of the story.

  114. Apparently the next ‘New… new new new Avenger’ is The Thing!

    Hmm…..I actually like that. Bendis could write a very good Ben Grimm.

  115. This is the type of team I’d like to play the old Marvel Role Playing Game with.

  116. Everytime I see the headline for this article I think "you were meant for me, and IIIII was meant for yooooou"

    Heh heh, get it? Jewel.
    Ah the 90s.  They sucked.
  117. I hope Bendis puts Tracy Chapman on the team. She’s great.