You’ll Read ‘Em Kid, and You’ll Like It!

Not too long ago, I learned, and subsequently announced to the world that I'll soon be having a son.  As was expected, lots of people made the prediction that I'd be dressing the boy up in comic book costumes, and indoctrinating him into the world of comic books without haste.  While I would certainly love for my son to love comics and story as much as I do, I think I've decided that the very last thing I want to do is to force it.

The fact is, I don't know a thing about children.  I haven't been around a baby since I don't know when.  I don't know how or if it's even possible to train them to like something.  I keep having flashbacks of non-specific television programs from the eighties, where a son, full of rage, rails against his parents that he was never interested in what they were, and now, because of their meddling, he now hates whatever it was they wanted him to like,  Think of Alex P. Keaton, or James Van der Beek.  Anyway, I don't want that at all.