You Asked For It: Geoff Johns on Flash Movie

For years, we’ve said that comic creators, no matter how big they are in comics, don’t hold much weight in Hollywood.  Well, it appears that the times they are a-changin’ at DC and Warner Bros.  The Hollywood Reporter checks in on the current DC projects in development for film adaptations, including Johns, as well as Marv Wolfman and Grant Morrison on other unnamed projects.

Finally picking up the pace after a slew of Marvel movies, it looks like there are projects in development from Flash to Adam Strange to Shazam to Green Arrow.  The chances that all or most of these projects will come to fruition is slight, but there are sure to be some big projects, especially depending on the success of the Green Lantern and Jonah Hex films currently in production.

Either way, at this point, longtime comic fans should be happy to see such a trusted name as Johns taking such an active part in production.


  1. oh……………..GOD!



  2. If only Nolan/Bale would come around for a JLA movie goddamit

  3. Wow, neat. I hope it all works out!

  4. Nice. There’s really not much else I can say.

  5. YES! AH man…nothing else to say but YES!

  6. pumps fist!

  7. I’m optimistic, but as a wise man once said: always remember robocop three. Some skills don’t translate medium to medium.

  8. This only means one thing:

    The Flash film will at least be watchable!

  9. This coming from Josh who on the last video show called Geoff Johns a HACK for ripping off an avengers story on blackest night…

    Sounds awesome as long as it doesnt effect his schedule on his regular books. i dont want any of that joss whedon business….

  10. @Bedhead: Did you read the article? Johns is a producer and wrote the treatment. That’s not a skill you need to worry about translating.

    And even if he was writing the movie (which he’s not) he wrote a kickass episode of SMALLVILLE last season.

  11. Yeah he started off in the movie industry (albeit as a PA) before he came to comics and Ricard Donner has been a mentor of his from the beginning, I trust he can know how to write for film.

  12. Also that is a freaking haunting picture


    His eyes are boring into my soul

  13. @smeeeeee – I did what now?

  14. @smeeeeee: That was a joke.

  15. @Conor:  All I’m saying is if someone told me today that Frank Miller was going to write (even just the treatment for) the next robocop movie, and I hadn’t seen robocop 3 (or 2), I too would have a dorkgasm.  

  16. @Bedhead: Right, but that’s not relevant or comparable to what’s going on here.

  17. As long as there is a scene of the Rouges getting drunk in a bar. I will love this film.

  18. I do agree that his background in hollywood working with Smallville and Donner, plus the fact that he’s freaking Geoff Johns, makes me optimistic.  I’m just being cautious.  

  19. @josh and conor- I know it was a joke… everyone who watches knows josh’s LOVE for johns. and TECHNICALLY on the video show it was conor who was the one who brought up the avengers story.


  20. I loved Johns Smallville episode so we know he can write other media.  I really hope this happens but you know hollywood.  Also its really sad that Ryan Reynolds can’t be Flash now.

  21. You’d be surprised at how many people take us literally.

  22. @lantern4life: He could do both! That have that face mapping CGI….thingy for stuff like that.

    Which would be ridiculously funny because they literally could do that in today’s films.

  23. But what would he even write about?  There are no previous Flash films to retcon?

  24. @ultimatehorato:  easy.  he would retcon some previous movies into existence 

  25. @ultimatehoratio

    He can ret-con the Flash TV show from 1990!

    (Actually, i loved that show…..) 

  26. Or he’ll retcon the horrid JLA pilot to make it a classic tv series.

    Wait…that sounds pretty kick ass…

  27. Damn good news in my book

  28. I’m most excited that Shazam has apprently not been dropped.

  29. You know who would make a great Flash? Ryan Reynolds. Now I-

  30. oddly, i was just thinking about how this would be the only way to do a flash movie today,

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  32. ohmygodohmygodohmygod!

  33. GLEE 

  34. @thenextchampion

    That would be a pretty weird JLA film.  Ecspecially with them being such close friends.  It would be like those horrible twin action movies like Double Impact or Twin Dragons.

  35. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Whoa.  This is great news to wake up to.  I can’t wait for a preliminary cast to be announced so people can immediately begin hating.  🙂

    And hey, speaking of speculating on the casting WAAAAY too early, maybe John Wesley Shipp can play Jay Garrick. 

  36. Has anyone said Nathan Fillion yet?  If not, Nathan Fillion.

  37. Excellent.  Do we know if Johns has any creative input on the Green Lantern film?  We may not get a JLA (and I’m not sure I want one), but we could get a Flash/Green Lantern (Barry/Hal) Brave and the Bold film.  That would potentially be enjoyable.

  38. @stuclach – If someone in the GL film says, "sincerity detected" we’ll know who it came from.

  39. Ok. I think I’m a little bit pumped for this.

  40. @ultimatehoratio – Why on earth would you want Nathan Fillion when John Wesley Shipp is EXTREMELY available.  He is experienced in the role and the suit was designed for him. #sinceritynotdetected

  41. Shipp, of course.  I am a fool.

  42. Yes, you are. #sinceritydetected 

  43. The part of this article that offhandedly mentions they’ve got Morrison up to something is not getting nearly as much attention as I expected. Shouldn’t we be preemptively squabbling about that by now?

  44. @Jimski – I planned on holding my preemptive squabble until I have a better idea about what he is attached to. (I just ended a sentence with a preposition.  I promised myself I wouldn’t keep that up.)

    Since you asked for it: If Mr. Morrison is contributing to a We3 animated film, then I am all for it, but I am not sure how his style would work in a live action setting.

  45. @TheCurrentChampion – My thoughts exactly.  Welcome to the site.  I like your user name.

  46. any ideas for who will play the flash,green arrow ,and company

    and i heard that the rock is attached to play black adam

  47. @redhood22 – I remember that rumor.  He certainly has the look (build/skin color/hair/facial structure) for that role.  I don’t know that we have any information about the other roles.

  48. What about Chris Pine as Barry? I think he could pull it off.

  49. I also nominate Ron to play Captain Cold

  50. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    NPH as Barry!

  51. @RoiVampire – I’m gonna go with Josh as Mirror Master (voices) and Conor as Trickster (obviously).  Paul as Weather Wizard (based on his fascination with wands [Harry Potter]). Sonia as Gorilla Grodd (awesome).  Gordon as Wally (the young protege).  Jimski as Iris (I don’t know why).

  52. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’d kill for a Rogues movies. 

    Note, I didn’t say "Rouges Movie".  

    Take careful note.   

  53. We saw that particular mistake a lot on World of Warcraft. About 65% of the english speaking population can’t spell the word "Rogue".

    78% can’t spell "Conor".

  54. @Josh – 68% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

  55. @Paul.  I agree.  NPH is a guy who I would love to see do just about any role.  But as Barry, that could actually work.  He’s blonde, after all.  Plus, he knows magic, which is probably just him doing things at super-speed and us not seeing it.  Yeah, it all makes sense now.

  56. In response to Josh’s last tweet here we go, without cliches this time


    Josh Lucas – Barry

    Bradley Whitford – The Trickster

    Iris – Emily Deschanel


  57. @Paul – I would actually like the see the Rogues make a Rogue’s movie.  I assume it would involve Barry dying in a number of fantastic ways, a great deal of drinking, and a smattering of daddy issue flashbacks.

  58. Do you have a time machine for Bradley Whitford as well?

  59. @Josh  I don’t thik the trickster needs to be young or even the same age as barry. I mean in the TV show Hammil looked to be in his early 40’s and he was rocking it


  60. Hammil did own that part.

  61. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I could actually get behind the West Wing cast as Rogues. Richard Schiff as Len Snart! Rob Lowe as Weather Wizard! Oliver Platt as Heat Wave!

  62. @Paul I see Rob Lowe more as Mirror Master for some reason

  63. As ususal, I’m all in.  I will add this caviat, does anybody else think that Geoff might be over worked?  He is writing 7 books.

  64. I’m not saying to sound cool, but I’ve met Geoff and I’ve hung out with him, and I swear to God, he’s got more energy and enthusiasm than you could possibly imagine.  That Green Lantern hat up there?  He wears that.  He LOVES what he does, and has such, at this point in time, his tank is nearly inexhaustable.

  65. @Josh  Johns returned an email I sent after GL:Rebirth was announced. I said i was worried about Hal coming back because I really was a fan of Kyle. He actually responded and said he hoped he could make me a fan of Hal too and that Kyle wasn’t going anywhere. He was right on both counts. The man is DC.

  66. I believe he is also single and, based on my experience, that frees up a considerable amount of time, as well.

  67. Before I’d ever met him (except for in passing at Cons), the man sent me an email wishing me the best after my appendix surgery.  Then followed up with it in San Diego months later.  This is the way to success.

  68. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Okay, now it’s turning into a story about how cool you are, Jed.  

  69. Well we already know Mark Hamill will be up for Trickster…

  70. @TheCC Those are speech baloons. In them speech is found. Speech good not always. Speech is fluid.

  71. over or under, a live action Flash movie in 6 yrs? live action Aquaman Movie in 11 yrs?

  72. Seriously?

    Can I still ask who Jed is? 

  73. "Vampire…"


    "Boss, he’s sleeping with the fishes"

    "But what they didn’t know, COULD hurt them. This summer Aquaman is back with a vengeance.  You’ll never look at your goldfish the same way again!"

    *Back in Black – AC/DC starts playing in the background*  "Boss. He has… squir..squirt guns. With holy water in them…"

    *Aquaman kicks down door, water coming in, cut to a scene from a natural disaster where an entire city was flooded (really low budget)*  "They call me Aqua MAN for a reason"

  74. @ chlop

     Lorenzo Lamas is Aquaman!

  75. @TNC  i think that was a west wing reference if i’m not mistaken

  76. GOOOOOOOOOOO! GREAT NEWS!!!!  humina humina humina… woooooooooooo!!! 

  77. @Josh: I would have agreed with you before The Agent Orange Arc.

  78. Great news for the Flash project, but I want to know what Marv is working on. A ten picture version of Crisis?

  79. Doesn’t Johns come from film anyway? Or at least, as a film aspirant? For some I think the leap from one medium to another doesn’t go so well — switching gears to think in a new medium doesn’t always come naturally.  But Johns started with a film mindset to begin with. Hopefully that helps. Of course, let’s see if this moves past the "development" stage.

  80. So we’ll see this come to the big screen in 2012?  SWEET I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

  81. YES!!!!!!!!!

  82. Now all we’ll need is:

    Garth Ennis on a new Punisher film

    Geoff Johns on Green Lantern

    Geoff Johns on Black Adam

    Joe Kelly (or Daniel Way) on Deadpool

    Frank Miller on Wolverine/Daredevil (I’m willing to risk it….)

    Mark Millar on Superman (risking that too)

    and we’re all set for comic book films!