“Yes, we’re going to a party party…”

Someone from iFanboy is celebrating a birthday today! He’s tall, has a rough disposition and a predilection for comics involving bats.

Happy Birthday Conor!

Feel free to post your birthday wishes here.

Happy Birthday, ya big lug….


  1. I don’t like you, but GODDAMMIT I respect you!

    Your threatenting looks bring joy to us all. Happy birthday.

  2. I thought that earlier thread title was hinting at this.

    Happy birthday, Conor! Congratulations, legal at last.

  3. Happy birfday!

  4. Yes happy birthday. How old are you guys just out of curiosity?

  5. Ugh… 29.

    All three of us.

    Thanks, everybody!

  6. I’ll be 28 in may so I know how you feel

  7. but all young at heart 😉

  8. Happy Birthday Conor!

  9. 29? Ugh, you’re an iFan-old-man. Just kidding. Happy Birthday, dude.

  10. How old is Bruce Wayne now? and he is in his prime!
    Happy Birthday Connor.

  11. Happy Birthday – and don’t sweat it, 29 is the new 19. Still several sanctioned years of irresponsibility left. Go nuts.

  12. Happy Birthday Conor!

  13. Just look at it like this…you are just celebrating the 4th Anniversary of your 25th Birthday!

    Maybe that makes it sound better…

    Anyways, Happy Birthday and best of wishes to you.

  14. Happy birthday Conor.

    I hope you get that Wonder Woman bust you wanted…


    Kidding. Happy Birthday man.

  15. If you haven’t grown hair by now, you’re probably never going to. Nevertheless, the comfort your voice brings me on a weekly basis overrides that. Happy Birthday!

  16. Just look at it like this…you are just celebrating the 4th Anniversary of your 25th Birthday!

    Or as Conor prefers, the 8th anniversary of his 21st.

  17. or as michael jackson prefers it, the 18th anniversary of your 11th birthday.
    ok that was a bit much

  18. Happy Birthday, Conor!!!

    I hope you like your present!!!

  19. Totally Happy Birthday, dude.
    and many more.

  20. Happy Birthday Conor!

    I just hit 21 Friday… I feel so young.

  21. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :-] bye

  22. Happy birthday!! When I’m looking back at 29 from 35, it doesn’t look that old from this side. In any event, have a great birthday!! Also, you shouldn’t have to pay for any of your drinks (beer) tonight.

  23. Happy Birhtday! Well, you got one more year of youth. My 30th was the one of the most depressing days of my life…… (36 and counting)

    I bought myself a Harley for turning 30, now I haven’t ridden it in a year and it’s for sale. Any takers?

  24. Happy Birthday!

  25. drink guinness and bang an 18 year old. always makes me feel younger.

  26. Hey, think of it as one step closer to an excuse to waste money on a really sweet car.


  27. Happy Birthday. You’re really young! Enjoy it! Happy-happy!

  28. Yes. Guiness. Bang.

  29. Happy Birthday from a new fan. Keep up with the awesome iFanboy goodness!

  30. Happy Birthday Conner!

  31. Happy Birthday! I think you’ll start aging backwards now,

  32. happy birthday conor, i hope the hangover wasn’t too unpleasant 😉

  33. The hangover after my birthday party was nonexistent compared to the one I had a few weeks ago (the one I complained about during that one podcast). I guess that’s the difference between eating dinner and not eating dinner beforehand.

  34. haha yep, ain’t that the truth

  35. Happy belated Birthday Conor!