Year End Holiday Filler Crap!

So I was looking for something to post here, and found this article about the Comic Book Man of the Year. Anyway, he says it’s Spider-Man. But that just gets us started.

What was the big deal in comics this year? Looking back, was this a great year in comics?

We touch on some of this stuff in the Year End Podcast, but since it’s not time for that yet, what do you think?


  1. Great year for me comic wise because it marks my return to my 4 color master…

  2. I haven’t really thought all this through yet but Spider-Man doesn’t seem right.

    Here’s why:
    1) Many ultimate spider-man fans disappointed with clone saga which has comprised the last seven months of the year
    2) Civil War #2 Spider-Man unmasks changing an important central element of his character just to make a story bigger/sell more books/get mainstream media exposure
    3) A trailer? Are we giving credit for trailers now?
    4) It seems to easy. It seems like he was already so big that another big year in a row isn’t that special.

    Maybe I’m wrong I haven’t been all the way through this yet in my mind but wouldn’t it seem like Cap was a more valid choice? He had a huge year with Civil War and he was certainly in the thick of all the largest Marvel U storylines this year.

    But also, if we’re going with Man Of The Year, some would say it should be an actual person rather than a drawing. Possible choices:

    1) Dan Didio-52 was a huge gamble that paid off. Will it ever happen successfully again? Will it become like zombie comics only to be huge once or twice(MZ) even though it’s constantly imitated? Will it be attempted again? I think so. Would it have been without this? Probably not

    2) Ed Brubaker-do I have to explain this one? I won’t. sorry

    3) BKV – huge year. Pride of Baghdad alone would’ve out him on this list but it’s not even nearly the only thing he did quite well

    4) Mark Millar – wrote Civil War and made all of the huge universe impacting changes happen in the first place

  3. It’d be hard to argue that it wasn’t a great year for Comics (with a capital C), what with the sales figures and increased mainstream attention, and the success of the movies and Heroes. In a lot of ways it feels like The Year Comics Broke Through. And it’s sure to continue in ’07 with the 2nd half of the Heroes season and then Spidey-geddon in May.

    Of course, none of this addresses the quality of the comics (small c) themselves. The grade that comes to mind for the actual books is B+. The excellent outweighed the disappointing by a pretty strong margin. In a microcosm: we mighta had that one non-Dini Detective issue that embarassed the medium, but we still got six other issues that reminded us why we love it.

  4. Most disappointing book of the year: that one issue of AllStar Batman and Robin that came out

    Most disappointing event: WorldStorm relaunch thing that wasn’t actually a relaunch

    Coolest Ultimate moment: Cable as Wolverine from the future

    Shittiest Ultimate moment: Supreme Power – all of it – nothing in particular

    Bullshit of the year: tie between civil war delays and weird ad placement(Superman Confidential with the 3d glasses and supreme power ads cutting 2 page spreads in half everywhere)

    Worst New Book major publisher: Wetworks
    Best New Book major publisher: Superman Confidential

    Hack of the year: Greg Land
    Comeback hack of the year: Rob Liefeld

    best civil war tie-in: amazing spider-man 529-536
    worst cw tie-in: ff 536-541
    best cw mini: civil war the rest sucked
    worst cw mini: tie civil war x-men and civil war young avengers runaways
    special awards each for Stefano Caselli and Yanick Paquette for the `art` in these books

    I’ll be back for more later

  5. I’ll have to second that emotion with Wildstorm relaunch and All-Star Batman and Robin. I’d also like to add AS Superman and JLA as well. Also sucky is the cancellation of Justice League Unlimited.

    I was one of the few who liked the Jonathan London guest-hosting episode, so many of you may not be interested, but Jon’s geekdrome is no more and in its place is I’m getting ready to listen to the first episode now. Everyone should check it out.

  6. I would agree with spidey being the comic man of the year. Unmasked, new suit, all that. I enjoyed my comics this year. If I didn’t I probably wouldn’t be posting to this comic site.

    I am astonished that marvel sent me my astonishing x-men #19 on time. I literally got it today, in the mail, from marvel. I do direct subscriptions on New avengers and Astonishing.

    Image had great books this year: Godland, Fear agent, Invincible, Walking Dead. Good stuff.

    We just got back from the movies and I saw a FF2 trailer. I know I have said some disparaging things about the first movie, but this trailer blew me away. The human torch chasing the silver surfer. I looked great. I hope the movie is that good. Good computer graphics baby!

  7. Man Of The Year: That dude that stalks the streets of New York at night.

  8. This was the year of my return to comics, after a 2-3 year break I finally came back!!!! I also wanted to say that comic-men of the year for me would be Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)and Brubaker for puting out great books. Super Hero of the year would have to be either Spidey or Cap. Special achievement for Ron, Connor and Josh for getting me into no marvel comics, thanks to you guys my wallet will never be too crowded.

  9. The Comic Book Man of the Year is Iron Man.

    He was probably in more comics this year than anyone and it doesn’t matter if you like him or not, nobody could have pressed this war like he has (yes, he was wrong about how important he is to the pro-reg side in Iron Man/Cap: Casualites).

    He’s also probably got the most interesting solo [Marvel] comic around (though Black Panther is close), even if they did let Warren Ellis retcon his origin.

  10. Crap. I can’t seem to keep my mind on more than one question at a time.

    Yes, this was a great year in comics. Specifically, this was the year I got back into comics since I finally had the money to do so and I’m really happy I did. I’ve loved Civil War, I’m hooked on a crapload of titles that I’ll still collect afterward, I’m buying trades like a madman, and at least half of my Xmas gifts this year were either comics (trades) or comics-related.

    And nobody can say Civil War wasn’t the big thing in comics. Did mainstream media cover anything else comics-related this year aside from the Superman movie?

  11. Maybe it’s the New Years Depression Speaking But…

    I think it was a great year for comics, but I wonder how many more they’ll be, I’m 16 and i love going to the store and getting my books, but how many teenagers are there like me? It’s my fear that the great few years we have been having are the death throes of the industry.

    I hope that I’m wrong.

  12. Six Gun, I think your worries are wrong, just because the content has gone totally main stream. Everybody knows who batman, spider-man, Fantastic four, x-men, daredevil, Hulk and superman are. And the movies keep coming. The comics are changing but I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

  13. I, a teenager, also go to my comic shop every week, provided that I have money/some books to buy. There are probably more of us (teenagers) out there than we think. I know that I personally have gotten 4 more people to read comics this year

  14. As for the country at large, it’s hard to argue with Spidey due to the fact that his unmasking is about the only comics news to hit mainstream media.

    Although, Superman also had his big (lackluster) return to the big screen, and the big guy’s comics had some great stuff (I loved no-power Supes at the top of OYL, and AS Superman is pretty great).

    Iron Man has never been so prominent in Marveldom that I can recall.

    Comics in general have had some great cross-over: Allison Bechdel’s Fun Home was named Entertainment Weekly’s #1 non-fiction book of the year, and “Heroes” has certainly helped (how about Masi Oka for comic person of the year?).

    Best Build-up (followed by nothing): 2-page splash of Hulk ripping Wolverine in two. How did that story end? Oh right, it hasn’t. (We also would’ve accepted the pairing of Frank Miller and Jim Lee to produce how many issues of AS Batman & Robin?)

    Okay, it’s late, and I’m beginning to ramble. Kudos to you guys, and thanks for cementing the phrase “suck it” in my vocabulary.

  15. It was a HUGE return to comics for me. Infinite Crisis pulled me in, and Civil War ensured I’d stay.

    It also was HUGE for my friend. he played Nitro G in who wants to be a Super Hero and works at Jim Hanleys Universe in Staten Island.

    Nitro loves your show by the way, Infanboy dudes.

  16. arrrg i meant Ifanboy! Ifanboy! please forgive me!

    (not that Doom would need forgiveness…)

  17. There are probably more of us (teenagers) out there than we think

    my shop has 1 under 18 subscriber

  18. Thought Spider-Man had quite the year, I think it’s a little to… I dunno, expected to pick him.

    I mean, personally, I think Tony Stark would make a good man of the year. Went from ass-kicking New Avenger, to the biggest jerk-hero in the Marvel U. Not to mention, no one is writing for him on his goodside. Marvel has pretty much decided that they’re not going to defend his logic at all and make him the bad guy of Cil War.

    Other than that, he’s also has a number of accomplishments under his belt:

    1. He gave Spider-Man a new costume
    2. He became the poster boy for hero Registration
    3. He became Spidey’s boss
    4. He had a cloned Thor kick the Secret Avengers asses
    5. He was a key member of Illuminati
    6. He imprisoned some of the most powerful beings alive, etc.

    Sheesh. Someone needs to cut that poor bastard some slack.

  19. God, I had so many typos… Sorry for not reading over my rant before posting. Sheesh.

  20. I’ve been re-energized by comics this year. I had a bit of lull for a while, but I’m back spending a ton of my hard earned cash on comics. And the recent promotion just means more trades. Here’s what I loved/hated:

    Man of the Year – should be Ed Brubaker. Should not require any explanation.

    Best Storyline – Infinite Crisis/52. I’m counting that as one long story that involves the entire DCU. There have been lots of art problems, but DiDio and the big 4 writers have gotten me so involved in the story and characters, I’m not sure I notice.

    Best Books-
    Escapists (for Indie books)
    Checkmate (for mainstream titles)

    Pleasant Surprises – X-Factor and Robin. Where did that come from? The new X-Factor is even better than David’s last run, and better than anything he’s written since Hulk #400. And Robin? I have never had feelings one way or the other about that character, but now he’s a favorite. Best OYL direction.

    Best #1 Issue: Justice Society of America.

    Sleeper Book to Watch: Immortal Iron Fist. Out of the gates really strong.

    Biggest Let Down(s): Civil War and X-Men family books that aren’t written by Joss Whedon. I was so excited about Civil War. What happened? This is a mystery I’ll ponder forever. And Brubaker and Carey seemed can’t miss to revitalize the main X-books. And I’ve dropped them both.

    Best OGN: I’m going to go with Pride of Baghdad, although American Born Chinese was also fantastic (but may be 2005).

    Best Collected Material: Absoulute DC New Frontier. Pretty.

  21. This was a really good year for comics. Thought I come right out and say that so that my smartass comments didn’t give anyone the impression I felt differently.

    more best of/worst of

    Best Comics Lovestory-brad meltzer and red tornado

    Best Comics Collection Concept of the Year-tie between the Omnibus and the Absolute. I think that the first Absolute came out last year but with the sheer number this year I’m calling it this year. This year I bought Absolute Dark Knight, Absolute Hush, and for Christmas I got Absolute New Frontier. I’m looking forward to going back and getting Kingdom Come, Sandman, and Watchmen. I also got the Uncanny and New X-Men Omnibi and they were also awesome. Still looking for a copy of the Alias one. It is sold out at Diamond.

    Best Artist-Maleev all the way. I didn’t even consider anyone else. Forgetting even his work on Daredevil, NA 26 would win him this.

    Worst Artist-this was tough for me. I’m going with Jim Lee and I’ll tell you why. There were many to choose from, including those I named to my Young Guns Retarded team earlier in the week, but Jim Lee’s pencils aren’t just bad they’re also really slow. The fact that Wildcats #2 had to be immediately resolicited with a 3 month delay alone would’ve shot him right up there. Add to that the single issue of AllStar Batman and Robin and it’s clinched.
    I know what you’re saying. Fred that’s not fair. It takes him so long because it takes him 3 hours every morning to climb all the way onto the surface of his drafting table and lift that giant pencil. Fuck em I don’t care. Nobody is forcing Jim Lee to keep making monthly books.[fucking obviously] He could just as easily go into working on graphic novels with people like Frank Miller or Alan Moore, others who don’t really seem to be into the monthly thing anymore.

    Best Writer of the Year- brubaker beats out bkv for me after some careful consideration. They’re both consistently excellent but brubaker has just been a little bit better.

    Worst Writer of the Year-I’m having a hard time with this one. Who wrote that detective fill-in during dini’s present run? I’m not sure. If it’s not him it’s one of the guys in the Wildstorm relaunch. Maybe the guy who came up with Stormwatch HIV? I don’t know.

    HOLY SHIT! Trauma blackout. It’s definitely Daniel Way. My lord I can’t believe I could ever blow that one. The restraining order dictates that I can say no more.

    OK there isn’t really any order


  22. Come to think of it, scratch my Tony Stark idea.

    Blackbolt is clearly Man of The Year. I mean, did you see him in Illuminati? My God. I always thought he was cool, but this definitely put him up there in the Bad-Ass category.

    And hey, what about a Woman of The Year?

    Yikes… That’s another toughie… I’d say it’s a toss up between Wanda Maximoff and Kitty Pryde. I vote a wrestling match between the two for the title.

  23. jello?

  24. there’s always room for jello

  25. Fred – I loved the worst of 06 retrospective.

    But as much as I love Maleev (LOVE), I don’t think he can be Best Artist. He only drew something like 2 issues of DD, the Illuminati special, and New Avengers 26. My vote goes to Michael Lark. Month in and out, that man draws some pretty comics.

    And I don’t think you can simply call Jim Lee worst artist. He may deserve some type of “Heel of the Year” award. All Star B&R is his fault. The Wildstorm mess is all his fault. I just count myself lucky I decided to wait until for the trades on those. Now I never have to waste any money.

  26. I still think it’s Maleev. I understand the low output idea for the year but it honestly doesn’t matter to me. I’d be there if it was just NA 26 and the klimt homage. Really it did that much for me.

    It is possible that Jim Lee isn’t the best candidate for worst of the year. His art was bad but probably not the worst. I was going with overall. In his stead, I’d choose any of the Young Guns Retarded(Stefano Caselli,Yanick Paquette,Humberto Ramos,Pablo Raimondi,Mark Texeira and Chris Bachalo). Well you can take Raimondi out of that list. I just kind of put him in because of the whole ‘he draws weird noses’ thing as a joke. I stand by the other 5 though.

    If you were to have a worst year by a good artist award: Steve Dillon. Two words for you: character designs. fucking do some. geez. Every character in Origins looks like someone from Preacher.

  27. Well, Fred, I think jello is a prerequisite.

    I also think I have to side with you on Maleev being Artist of The Year… Though Steve McNiven sure did some pretty work, himself.

  28. Woman of the year is Kitty Pryde.I find myself missing Jan from the Avengers, new Avenges is good but something is missing for sure.

  29. I also think I have to side with you on Maleev being Artist of The Year… Though Steve McNiven sure did some pretty work, himself.

    McNiven’s work, especially the panel in cw 3(i think) where johnny and sue leave and he had the flame and she the force umbrella to keep out of the rain, was good.

    The problem though is that the output question put forth earlier by dustin goes double for McNiven for me anyway. Yes, he may’ve have 5 books come out this year, but he also monkey-fucked the whole marvel u with his inability to draw a page a day.

    For me anyway, there’s a lot more that goes into it. All of the ancillary reasons are the reason that I chose Jim Lee as the worst. It’s the same with McNiven, except for McNiven actually being the size of an adult, when an artists messes my shit up I get annoyed. Forgetting DC/Wildstorm’s favorite pocket-sized penciller for a minute, McNiven really screwed a more things with the delays than anybody else this year.

    And this isn’t just me whining because I had to wait. there are real people with real concerns who lose money on these things. For one thing, retailers only got approx 10 issues of ASM and FF to sell this year. Those books sell fairly well, what did average joe retailer lose on that? Additionally the other pencillers, what did they lose? Many books were affected by this, even those that don’t sell that well. Most pencillers work on a page rate. If book a normally comes out 12xs a year but instead only comes out 10, some penciller is ass out on 16% of what they would have made for that book for the year.

    That’s why I put those things in there. Part of it is whining, I admit. But there are people that are genuinely hurt by these things. And you can say what you want, an extra CW issue of Black Panther does not financially replace an issue of ASM for a retailer.

    OK now I’m done complaining about this until at least next year.

  30. It has to be Spider-Man this year. The unmasking event is the most significant thing to happen to Peter Parker since Uncle Ben died. Great unmasking reads that I never hear talked about on the podcast.

  31. Maybe it wasn’t talked about since it was pretty saturated in comic news everywhere when it happened. I suppose talking more about it would be beating a dead horse.

    It basically came down to optomists saying, “Alright! This’ll lead to some good stories. Thank God for character growth.”

    And the other half saying, “Oh shit… Not another cheap gimmick Marvel… I swear, there’s gonna be some mind wipe or something in the near future…”